1. 2012 Comfort Edge T-Outliner vs. 1996 Outliner II pt.1 READ

  2. Andis Outliner II Gold edition 1996 New Old Stock!

  3. Precision Edge Up with Shadow Fade no Enhancements or Razor

  4. Fro-Hawk Faux Hawk with Name Design haircut pt.2 w/ color a

  5. Fro-Hawk Faux Hawk with Name design haircut pt.1

  6. Low Low Bald Fade with CRISPY LINE UP

  7. JUST DO IT. Box high top flat top fade

  8. Wahl 5 Star Senior vs. Andis Fade Master pt.2

  9. Wahl 5 Star Senior vs. Andis Fade Master pt. 1

  10. New MD Barber Sicilian Razor Version 2 first look

  11. POW! Hair Design Light Taper on my guys son

  12. So You Think You Can Fade??? Bigg WEEZIE Edition! Faux Hawk With Neck Taper (no color, no razor)

  13. NO COASTAL Hair design

  14. Female "Punk" haircut and Design as Requested by client

  15. Operation of the The 1950's Belmont barber Chair 100% Complete!!! Full Restoration

  16. Andis Profoil vs. Wahl 5-Star Shaver Shaper ...Review

  17. 1950's Belmont Barber Chair Restoration Finished Product HD Video "AFTER"

  18. 1950's Belmont Barber Chair Restore Sneak Peek Uuuuugh!

  19. Memorial Day haircut!!! To all the Vets THANK YOU!

  20. The newly finished chrome pieces of my 1950's Belmont

  21. My Barber Station... Thanks for 200,000+ Views!

  22. New Wahl 5 Star Balding Review "V5000+" motor and Re-tooled blade set

  23. -REVIEW- Business Cards From FedEx Office - Who are You?.. I'm WEEZIE the BARBER!!

  24. Moser Primat 2in1 Clipper by Wahl and 5 Star Balding update.


  26. Bout to get it poppin!!! WeezMcCheez driving to final exam

  27. Faux Hawk Shear Cut Top Clipper fade... Finished Cut

  28. Graff Etch Pencil experiment on my Big Dude

  29. T-Outliner with NEW Comfort Edge (new style GTX) Blade finished line up

  30. Me and My Lil dude in the lab at it Again... TAPER ACTION!!!! BTW I passed My Practical!

  31. Update on the Comfort Edge blade for the Andis Outliner

  32. Andis Stylist Combo w/ Comfort Edge Unbox, T-Outliner Blade Shoot Out Babyliss Promate Andis

  33. Andis Outliner w/ Comfort Edge blade HD Finger Razor America's Beauty Show

  34. G Whiz Mohawk pt.2... Bigg Weez Meets G Whiz

  35. G Whiz Does a Mohawk And Gives Up Some Knowledge Pt. 1

  36. Bigg Weez aka "WeezMcCheez" meets Ivan Zoot

  37. David Guerin of Oster Giving away some dvd's

  38. Americas Beauty Show 2012 Chicago... The View

  39. WAHL's G Whiz Getting It In at Americas Beauty Show Chicago

  40. Andis Platform Cutters at Americas Beauty Show Chicago 2012

  41. 1950's Belmont Barber Chair "BEFORE"... Hess EZY Shave Straight Razor REVIEW

  42. Shadow fade with name in the back

  43. WAHL 5 Star Shaver Unboxing, ending with a Shout to the Viewers

  44. I'm Finished with Barber School!!! WEEZIE is finally DONE!

  45. Weezie's Last day of Barber School!

  46. Mr. Richard Evans, a brief interview with my Barber Instructor

  47. Dark Taper- My homeboy clowin after I gave him a taper- Wahl Hero

  48. Textured spike haircut with taper

  49. Fauxhawk with wings design

  50. The Cutlass Jeezy Do It For The Hood... windy day

  51. Mohawk cut by me! High Top fade cut by Vinni!

  52. Big Cool Rainbow

  53. Dark Cesar even cut Taper temp with jersey number

  54. Andis Sonic Plus after 1 Month of Use

  55. Babyliss Pro Gold Titanium Trimmer


  57. 360 Wave Taper Hair Cut

  58. Wahl T-Wide 5 Star Detailer Short Demo

  59. Wahl T-Wide 5 Star Detailer Review -It's the BEST Trimmer On The Market!

  60. "Mr. C Razor" Review / Comparison Shot with Sony Bloggie Duo

  61. Andis MVP vs BGRV / MVP Unboxing

  62. Wahl Detailer vs Andis Superliner 6 months later!

  63. And another one stupid taper and design

  64. MOHAWK! with his name faded to death

  65. The "LINE UP" super crispy edge up

  66. "The Shop" MD Barber Sicilian vs Monsieur Charles razor

  67. 2001 Cadillac deville DHS Rain-X Fast Wax

  68. Fresh frohawk / Mohawk with design

  69. Fauxhawk on Hispanic client with a Proper edge up!!!

  70. Afro Shape Up with back Taper MICROPHONE SMOOTH!

  71. Even Steven / All Even / Ceasar crispy line done right

  72. Taper fade on my Lil Dude

  73. The Cutlass Waka Flocka Gucci Ferrari Boys beatin pounding

  74. The Cutlass!!! First wash 2011

  75. Mohawk with designs and stars cut with masters bgrV and Det

  76. Andis bgrV vs Oster Classic 76

  77. "THE SHOP" tools of the trade Andis Superliner vs Wahl 5 Star Detailer

  78. The Cutlass "Boom" Soulja Boy 2 15" Soundsteams BEATIN'

  79. 360 wave haircut with back taper and design

  80. "The SITUATION" type Haircut

  81. My Little "Barber Shop"

  82. Hair Design Houston Astros

  83. Taper / temp fade with Design w/ 5 star detailer

  84. Blended / FADED MOHAWK kinda rush job ... Came out OK

  85. Wahl Tattoo In action ... sorta?

  86. Smokin' chicken leg quarters and country ribs on a Char Griller w/ out fire box

  87. MY son's hair cut by me EVEN STEVEN

  88. My oldest son hair graphics HAIR DESIGN

  89. Hair designs Me giving my son a lil hook up SWAGG

  90. What I do with a set of Wahl's and Andis Outliners MOHAWK

  91. My Cutlass bxi 2006 BRUTUS and Soundstream T5 15s

  92. How to tuck 24's on a G Body Cutlass??? Let me know!

  93. CLEAN ORIGINAL 87 Cutlass walk around 49,000 miles

  94. My $2,600 87 Cutlass Stock 307 2.25" 40 series flowmasters