1. Video Contest Submission: Yoga Anywhere Guy

  2. Video Contest Submission: Salmon Spawner Guy

  3. Video Contest Submission: Community Chorister

  4. Video Contest Submission: Grown Man Who Still Skateboards

  5. Video Contest Submission: Hippy Dippy Disc Dog Guy

  6. Video Contest Submission: Drum Circle Guy

  7. Video Contest Submission: Conflicted Husky-Cougar Couple

  8. Video Contest Submission: Thrift Store Treasure Hunter

  9. Video Contest Submission: Outerwear Fashionista

  10. Twelfth Place Winner: Self Actualized Foodie Guy

  11. Eleventh Place Winner: Microbrew Guy

  12. Tenth Place Winner: The Co-Op Guy

  13. Ninth Place Winner: Weekend Geoduck Hunter

  14. Eighth Place Winner: I Think I Can Make It Ferry Runner

  15. Seventh Place Winner: Pavement Trekker

  16. Sixth Place Winner: Ceaseless Knitter

  17. Fifth Place Winner: Sweat Pants Opera Buff

  18. Fourth Place Winner: The Tartar Man

  19. Third Place Winner: Cougar Mountain Day Hiking Family

  20. Audition to Be the Next PEMCO Profile

  21. Flawless Firewood Stacker

  22. Bumper Sticker Idealist

  23. Varmint Relocation Specialist

  24. Year-Round Shorts Duuude

  25. Goosebumped Beach Bum

  26. Oblivious Left-Lane Occupant

  27. Urban Chicken Farmer

  28. Goosebumped Beach Bum

  29. PEMCO's Sounders FC Fan Contest Winners Take on Houston!

  30. Stan's 60th!

  31. Seattle King County REALTORS recognize PEMCO Insurance and Stan McNaughton

  32. Hawk Fan

  33. Sounders

  34. Skis in the Rain Guy

  35. The Utility Kilter

  36. Wenatchee Apple King

  37. Walla Walla Wine Wine Woman Woman

  38. Confused East Coast Transplant

  39. Tri-Cities Select Sports Hostages

  40. First Snowflake Freakout Lady

  41. 50 Degrees Shirt's Off Guy

  42. Desperately Seeking Sasquatch

  43. Green Lake Power Walkers

  44. Public Broadcasting Pledge Drive Volunteer

  45. Marymoor Off-Leash Dog Lady

  46. NW Fly Fishing Junkie

  47. Super Long Coffee Orderer

  48. Ghostlike Used Bookstore Waif

  49. NW Male Action Figure

  50. 4-Way Stop, You Go. No You Go. No You Go. Guy

  51. Relentless Recycler

  52. Goat Renter Guy

  53. Blue Tarp Camper

  54. Roadside Chainsaw Woodcarver

  55. The PEMCO Claims Story

  56. Sandals & Socks Guy