1. "31 Days" by Zee Avi (covered by Lily Bee)

  2. They Don't Make 'Em Like You - Lily Bee OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO

  3. Lily Bee To-Go Video #3: Sailboat

  4. Disney's Jungle Book - I Wanna Be Like You (Lily Bee cover)

  5. Thank you video for the Thanksgiving Promotion

  6. Brand New Shoes (She & Him cover by Lily Bee) & a special Thanksgiving promotion!

  7. Lily Bee album NOW ON iTUNES!!

  8. I Wouldn't Mind (live version, from the NEW Lily Bee album!!)

  9. When You Wish Upon a Star (jazzy version) - Lily Bee w/ Felipe Constanza

  10. Girl From Impanema (Lily Bee LIVE @ Chloe's Coffee)

  11. Lily Bee Live from Ambiance Recording Studios - Why Try to Change Me Now

  12. Lily Bee To-Go (Part 2): Let's Stay Together

  13. Introducing the Lily Bee "To-Go" Video Series: Sound the Alarm

  14. Who's Loving You by Jackson 5 (LIVE PERFORMANCE!)

  15. Overjoyed by Stevie Wonder (cover by Lilian Bui)

  16. Daydream at Midnight (ORIGINAL - YOUTUBE EXCLUSIVE!) by Lilian Bui

  17. How to Vote LILY for LILITH 2010!

  18. Put Your Records On by Corrine Bailey Rae (cover by Lilian Bui)

  19. Sunday Kind of Love by Etta James (cover by Lilian Bui)

  20. Build Me Up, Buttercup (LIVE performance) by Lilian Bui

  21. Dream A Little Dream of Me (ukulele cover by Lilian Bui)

  22. What A Difference A Day Makes (Dinah Washington cover)

  23. Guilty (Al Bowlly cover) & IMPORTANT LILITH FAIR UPDATES!

  24. [ORIGINAL #10] Sailboat

  25. It's Not That Easy Being Green (cover)

  26. [ORIGINAL #9] Incredible You

  27. [ORIGINAL #8] I Wouldn't Mind

  28. Just the Way You Look Tonight (acoustic cover) by Lilian Bui

  29. [ORIGINAL #7] Paper Cranes

  30. Fly Me to the Moon (cover of the week) from Lilian Bui

  31. [ORIGINAL #6] Colors by Lilian Bui

  32. You and I (duet) cover by Lilian and Mu

  33. [ORIGINAL #5] Star Sailor

  34. Tonight You Belong to Me (duet) - Lilian and Mu

  35. I Won't Say I'm in Love from DISNEY's Hercules (cover)

  36. [ORIGINAL #4] Under the Painted Sky by Lilian Bui

  37. [ORIGINAL #3] Up

  38. Find My Way Back Home by Priscilla Ahn (ukulele cover by Lilian Bui)

  39. [ORIGINAL #2] They Don't Make 'Em Like You No More

  40. Pineapple Princess (ukulele) cover by Lilian Bui

  41. [ORIGINAL #1] Days LIke These (I Love to be Alive) by Lilian Bui + announcements

  42. Mele Kalikimaka (Hawaiian Christmas Song) and Thank You - 510 subscribers!!!!

  43. Tally Hall - Hidden in the Sand cover (UKULELE)

  44. Let It Snow! acoustic cover by Lilian Bui

  45. I'll Be Home for Christmas cover by Lilian Bui (jazzy)

  46. No Christmas for me This Year by Zee Avi (cover by Lilian Bui)

  47. Don't Know Why by Norah Jones (acoustic guitar cover by Lilian Bui)

  48. You Can't Go Back to Childhood (ORIGINAL) by Lilian Bui

  49. Sabor a mi por Luis Miguel, Trio Los Panchos, y Sin Bandera (acustica) (acoustic cover)

  50. Sympathique pour Pink Martini (acoustique) Lilian Bui

  51. The Age of Not Believing from Disney's Bedknobs & Broomsticks (cover)

  52. Lavender Blue (Dilly Dilly) by Burl Ives (cover)

  53. You Are my Sunshine / Over the Rainbow (bossa nova mash-up)

  54. Change is Hard by She & Him (cover)

  55. Rainbow Connection acoustic cover by Lilian Bui

  56. After You've Gone (Fiona Apple cover)

  57. I Have a Dream by Abba (acoustic cover)

  58. Cardboard Box (original song)

  59. Smile by Charlie Chaplin

  60. Chopin's Grande Polonaise Brillante Op. 22

  61. What The World Needs Now (Is Love, Sweet Love)

  62. Secret by Maroon 5 (cover)

  63. Painter Song by Norah Jones (acoustic cover)

  64. In Spaaaain (improvised song)

  65. Someday by Sugar Ray (jazzy duet)

  66. Sunday Morning by Maroon 5 (jazzy cover)

  67. Electric Feel by MGMT (acoustic cover)

  68. That's All [acoustic cover] (filmed in 3 states!)

  69. Sleep All Day by Jason Mraz (jazzy cover)

  70. Again (ORIGINAL) by Lilian Bui

  71. Last Christmas by WHAM! acoustic cover

  72. Almost Like Being in Love by Nat King Cole

  73. Pure Imagination from Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory

  74. Lili Marlene (akustisch) (acoustic cover)

  75. Para Tu Amor cover (Lilian speaks Spanish, yay!)

  76. Grow Old With You (cover)

  77. Let Me (original song)

  78. Love - Nat King Cole cover by Lilian Danger Bui

  79. Leaving on a Jet Plane

  80. I Just Called to Say I Love You cover