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2011 Labor Day shoot on the river.mpg

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Uploaded on Sep 9, 2011

More info below, make sure to click 1080 and crank up the speakers.

This is video of our annual Labor day fireworks show on the river. This years show consisted of 3 4x10 rafts floating about 40 feet from each other (18 cues), and 12 cues on the shore.

All 1.4 product was purchased from Miller Fireworks in Holland Ohio (huge props to Brian for all the help in product selection and scripting).

Music mixed by Brooks

Fireworks mixed by me :-)

Firing systems used:
3 cobra 18M modules w/ 1 18R cobra remote (for the rafts)
2 custom made 36 cue firing systems (for the shore)
10 "cube style" mini cue system that fired a sequenced front.

Shoot site provided by Brooks, Steve, and Cathy
-Once again you guys offered up a perfect shoot site and atmosphere for me to come down and entertain everyone. thanks for all the years of allowing me to do this there on the river, and putting up with the mess. somehow we keep putting up a better show year after year, this year was no exception.

Lead shooter:
Me (Jason/Stoney)

Pyro crew (the guys that busted their ass off all day helping me get this show in the air)

RJ- not only provided half the product and worked all day, but took this video for all to enjoy. Thanks for making this possible, we need to do this again man best show i've shot in a very long time and it wouldn't have happened had you not suggested it and offered up your pyro for us to play with.

Rob- Drove FAR to come help out a pyro friend in need and kicked ass on prep getting us done on time. Not only is he a e-matching wizard but the dude builds and brings his own firing systems. I owe you a beer, in fact, i owe you quite a few. And last but not least... nice work on the bad ass pontoon boat chasers . They were AMAZING and could not have been better.

Mark- Huge help on setup, can't thank you enough. You've been coming to these shows for damn near 10 years now and you are always there to help however you can. I appreciate your help and i'm glad i've known you for all these years of successful sky-lighting.

LJ- You da man. Thanks for helping us get it all hooked up and ready to fire, glad you could make it out and have a good time with us, hope you can be there next time.

Andy- Hats off to you my friend, loaned us some killer firing systems, drove all the way to help with the setup, then took off to play softball missing the show you helped setup. Can't tell you how much i appreciate you loaning us those systems and i thank you for all the work you had time to donate to our show. Just sorry you had to miss it, hope the game went well.

Raft team: The unsung heroes of the show. No matter how much work goes into the show, it can't get shot without the brave souls that get into that river to position everything. The rafts you guys built kicked ass. Thanks for putting up with my freaking out as everything was getting launched. It's difficult for me to see an entire days worth of work and quite a few paychecks worth of pyro being launched into the water. Tends to make me jumpy. Thanks for the huge contribution and i hope it was worth getting into that water.

A few notes about the show:

As with any show, there's always choices we made in the shoot order that I wish I could take back...

But overall, this show was probably the best show i've ever had the privilege to press buttons on. Not the biggest show i've ever shot, but clean, mean, and had a real nice flow. A few cakes didn't behave the way i had anticipated, but the only place it truly bit me was in the finale. The S---- W---'s lasted a bit longer than i remembered and sorta wussed out the finale there at the end. If i could take one cue back, i'd reverse my last two cues and finish a bit stronger with those 6 midnight howl's.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy the show, and I look forward to doing it again.

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