1. Albino Deer visits the DOT Plow Shed

  2. Seen an Albino Buck at Work Today

  3. D13 Power ~Volvo Dump Truck.Test Ride

  4. GIANT Trencher

  5. Trenching with an Auger

  6. Pumper Truck Reaching Out

  7. Drawing the Lines

  8. Rusty Old 1957 Plymouth Belvedere

  9. Big Loader~Little Trailer

  10. Pumping Concrete

  11. Bobcat Build & Destroy

  12. Boeing C-17 Globemaster Circles over Pictou County

  13. Zoom Truckers

  14. Live Bottom Trailers

  15. Loading the Hay Truck

  16. Cleaning Crabs in Cape Breton

  17. Plymouth Road Runner Superbird Hauled by a nice Peterbilt

  18. Wrapping Round Bales

  19. John Deere Round Baler

  20. John Deere Spreading Stuff HD

  21. Strip Mining for Coal

  22. #55 Ready to Race

  23. Lawn Tractor on a Mini Truck

  24. Pneumatic Telescopic Camera Mast

  25. MT55 Bobcat Loading Dump Truck.

  26. Bobcat Flattens Steel Shed

  27. JCB Backhoe

  28. 950 Cat loader

  29. Kobelco TLK750 loading horse shit.

  30. Digging Coal~From the Pit to the Crusher

  31. Too Cold for a Watertruck

  32. Cat D11R~Ripping Rock

  33. A Pretty Good Pothole

  34. An Old Friend

  35. Muddy 4 Wheeler Needs a Tow

  36. Multi-tasking Bobcat

  37. Fast Bobcat Auger

  38. Pushing Back Snowbanks with a Bobcat T190

  39. Massey Ferguson 50HX Backhoe Loading Snow

  40. Crow bar Motel.avi

  41. Straight Pipe Pete.avi

  42. Western Star 6900XD~Planetary Drive Truck

  43. Town Truck Fire

  44. Old Machines@Museum of Industry

  45. A Real sCOOL Bus~Shopmobile

  46. Cars Built in Nova Scotia

  47. Looking for Jacobs Ladder@Victoria Park

  48. Driving Up a Ski Hill @ Ski Ben Eion

  49. 1963 International Loadstar 1800~Tandem Dump Truck

  50. Golf Course Construction~Cruising the Back Nine in an RTV

  51. Spreading Topsoil and Hydro Seeding

  52. Building a Golf Course at Ben Eion

  53. One Hell of a Hill

  54. A Hard Hill to Swallow

  55. Paving in CANADA...EHH?

  56. Christmas Lights Flashing to Music

  57. Time to make the Donuts...Bobcat Style

  58. JimHow Digs Dirt ...but that's just me.

  59. One Day I Worked for Weeks

  60. A day in a Dumptruck

  61. 600 Komatsu Loader Loading Dump Trucks

  62. D-11 Feeding Crusher

  63. Lorain Shovel

  64. Vancouver 2010 Olympic Torch Relay New Glasgow

  65. Six Locomotives

  66. CANADAS Worst Pothole part two

  67. Flying Civic

  68. Rock n Roll n Rock Trucks

  69. Sinkholes at a local strip mine

  70. Canadas Worst Pothole

  71. Bobcat T190 removing concrete floor from garage

  72. D-11 CAT POWER

  73. Bobcat T190 moving a shed

  74. This is where I live... Wish You Were Here

  75. A Whole Bunch of Birds

  76. Cat Trucks on a slippery slope

  77. West River Rooster

  78. 40 ton Western Star Rock Truck

  79. Race #3 Parts For Trucks 100

  80. Augering a post hole near Big Island.

  81. Dale Richardson's first heat race July 17, 2009 at Riverside Speedway

  82. Green Onions performed by Billy Bell Band

  83. Napa 100 Sportsman Race at Riverside Speeway 2009

  84. High Dumping Hay Wagon

  85. Building French Drains with a Side-Shooter

  86. Bobcat T190 Removing Tree Stump

  87. Through the Garden of Eden in a Highway plowtruck

  88. Bobcat MT55 installing irrigation line

  89. CAT TRUCKS~Truth or Lies

  90. D11s ~Devils Dozen

  91. D11R at work

  92. Heavy Equipment working in Tight Quarters

  93. Caterpillar D11 Dozer

  94. Caterpillar 14M Grader

  95. Fat Bottom Loader

  96. Cruising the Cabot Trail near Wreck Cove

  97. Bobcat Pushing Snow/Day by Day

  98. Frontend Loader Plowing Snow

  99. Bobcat Playing in the Snow