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Ensiferum - Ahti (Official Music Video)

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Uploaded on Mar 15, 2009

Album: Victory Songs
Genre: Viking, Folk, Melodic Death Metal
At the time of sundown
Nature bathes in colours
In silence it waits
For the approaching force
In the halls of Ainola
The true king of dark waters
Lurks with his mistress

Under the waves of a blue lake
Dwells the mighty Ahti!
Sailors praise the glorious name
The ruler of tides; Ahti!

At the shores of a northern land
Pray mortal men
Destruction for the arrogant fools
A reward for humble souls
The great lurker of the seas
Is pleased of the sacrifice
The waters are calm
Today no storm shall rise!

Foreign ship filled with infidels
They didn't listen to the northern men
From a dead calm storm will rise
And they'll face the wrath of the sea
Take care that your heir
Don't turn out too proud
Or your bloodline will drown into a vast ocean

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