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  1. Week on the Web: Stone Man Syndrome and Teen labeled bully

  2. Week on the Web: Pit bulls no longer under Ohio vicious dog law

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  5. Week on the Web: Drowning puppy viral video and Facebook password sharing ban

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  8. Week on the Web: Trayvon Martin fake photo and Zimmerman in the media

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  11. Week on the Web: Wrong-way crash and teen shooting

  12. Week on the Web: Return of pink slime and lottery winner uses food stamps

  13. Week on the Web: Middle school teacher arrested and Lin-sanity ice cream

  14. Week On The Web: Man burns NJ flag to protest Whitney Houston funeral

  15. Week on the Web: McDonald's outs Pit Bulls and spankings make kids angry

  16. Week on the Web: McDonald's pink slime and fetus food ban

  17. Week on the Web: Bungee jump accident and fatal car crash

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  23. What's Trending: Women beat men at social media

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  25. Mars Curiosity Rover takes over the web

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