1. NYS Sales Taxable Goods and Services

  2. NYS Sales Tax Rates and Jurisdictions

  3. NYS Sales Tax Exemption Certificates

  4. NYS Sales Tax Exempt Organizations

  5. NYS Créditos Fiscales para Familias que Trabajan

  6. NYS EITC Crédito por Ingreso del Trabajo

  7. NYS Crédito por Cuidado de Menores y Dependientes

  8. The NYS Earned Income Credit

  9. The NYS Child and Dependent Care Credit

  10. New York State Tax Credits for Working Families

  11. New York State's Voluntary Disclosure Program

  12. Undergoing a NYS Audit

  13. Challenging a Tax Department Action

  14. About New York State Tax Audits

  15. Property Tax Exemptions

  16. About Property Taxes and Assessments

  17. Contesting Your Property Assessment

  18. Is Your Assessment Fair?

  19. About New York's MCTMT

  20. About the NYS Refund Debit Card

  21. NYS Sales Tax Record Keeping Requirements

  22. OSCAR - Online Credentialing and Registration for Motor Carriers

  23. Withholding Tax Requirements for New York State Employers

  24. Errores Comunes en la Declaración de Impuestos

  25. Avoiding Common Income Tax Return Errors

  26. NYS Online Services - Introduction and Overview