1. Judge James von der Heydt: Reflections on Grantmaking (7:18)

  2. James Flood: Reflections on Grantmaking (7:18)

  3. Sandi Farewell Tribute

  4. 2013 Individual Artist Awards Announcement

  5. Teri Rofkar, Rasmuson Foundation Distinguished Artist 2013

  6. New York New York (Byron Mallott) - Diane Kaplan and Willie Hensley.MOV

  7. Michele Brown Tribute

  8. "Imagine" - Saralyn for Pick.Click.Give.

  9. Diane Kaplan's remarks at #AKSummit

  10. Luis Gonzalez Palma never took a picture here

  11. Echoes of Inhabitance

  12. Haven House

  13. Little Mikey

  14. The Trail

  15. Nonprofit Leaders on the Value of Sabbaticals

  16. WAC Retirement Parade

  17. What's interesting about being 101?

  18. A Tribute to Mary Louise Rasmuson

  19. 2012 Individual Artist Awards Ceremony

  20. Kes Woodward, Rasmuson Foundation Distinguished Artist 2012

  21. Individual Artist Awards: Sandra Gillespie

  22. Individual Artist Awards: How to Apply Webinar

  23. Individual Artist Awards: Joan Kane

  24. Individual Artist Awards: Teri Rofkar

  25. Projects Reel EDU2.2(AFS).m4v

  26. Roll Credits

  27. 2011 Individual Artist Awards Ceremony

  28. A Tribute to Mary Louise Rasmuson

  29. Tim Delaney, National Association of Nonprofits

  30. Stephanie Berglund, thread

  31. Kit Gillem on Foraker Group's 10th Anniversary

  32. Alaska OWL Launch

  33. You=Impact on Domestic Violence in Alaska

  34. Sandy Harper Introduces The Winter Bear

  35. Dancers at the Anchorage Museum Opening

  36. Ed Rasmuson's comments

  37. Eiko and Koma perform at Rasmuson Foundation

  38. American Red Cross of Alaska - Pick. Click. Give. Impact

  39. Dreambuilders Ball Honoring Elmer and Mary Louise Rasmuson

  40. I am an Artist because...

  41. Rasmuson Foundation Gallery of Alaskan Artists in Second Life