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Youmacon 2007 Skit 13: No "Crystal" Intended

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Uploaded on Nov 5, 2007

Here is the Sailor Moon Youmacon 2007 Skit number 13!! Yay!

I am so honored that we won Best in Performance for Journeyman Class. Youmacon is the greatest!!!

Please check out my other videos!! WOoooo!

Here is what we say:

Moon, Naruto, Neptune, and Saturn walk across stage gabbing and then they run into a stuffed Pikachu and a battle ensues..

*BG music Battle theme from FF6*

Sailor Naruto: "Super Narutard Attack!"

Sailor Neptune: "Pokeball Go!!"
*Sign Lady Holds up MISS Sign*

Sailor Neptune: "Aww, it appeared to be caught!"

Sailor Moon: "Let me handle this!"

Sailor Moon: "Starlight Honey Moon Therapy Kiss!!"
*Sign Lady holds up a sign for the crowd and then holds up MISS sign*

Sailor Moon: "Well, I'm out." *turns to walk away*

Sailor Neptune: "What!? Where are you going?"

Sailor Moon: "I can only do one attack per episode and that was it, sorry."

Sailor Neptune: "You still have hit points! You could at least defend us!"

Sailor Moon: "No, see people don't just hit me. They steal my Silver Crystal 'err Heart Crystal 'err Holy Grail 'err Dream Mirror 'err Star Seed, and then I die."

Sailor Neptune: "But then Tuxedo Mask comes in and totally macks on you and gives you back your crystal."

Sailor Saturn: Or takes it away *badumchhhh!
*Neptune smacks Saturn*

Sailor Neptune: "Plus, we can still use the Sailor Planet Attack!"

Sailor Moon: "Awesome, let's do it!"

*Sailor Moon steps back into Battle and Pluto sneaks in the formation*

Sailor Moon: "Wait, you're not a planet anymore. I thought I told you to take your dwarf planet and go."

Sailor Pluto: "Do you want to start something? Cause I'll finish it."

Sailor Saturn: "Your Mom!!"

Sailor Moon: "You do NOT want to start something with me. I am Sailor Freakin' Moon champion of justice and I will triumph over evil and that means fake planets like you."

Sailor Pluto: "You mean to tell me that you'll let the Narutard over there be a Sailor Soldier and not me?"

Sailor Moon: "What do you mean? That's Sailor Venus... You are Sailor Venus, right?"

Sailor Naruto: "Huh? Sailor Venus? Yea... Sure, sure!! I'm Sailor Venus! The only one! Hah, I mean besides the one I locked in a closet...KIDDING!!"

Sailor Moon: Umm, right, sure. Ok so she's a little nuts but still!!

Sailor Pluto: TIME STOP!!
Sailor Moon: So you stopped time big deal I've died 6 times, take this!!!

*Spins around chanting something dumb*
*Pluto watches for a second annoyed*

Sailor Pluto: "SEVEN!" *Stabs Moon at the same time*

*Sailor Moon falls to the floor*
*Sailor Pluto cleans knife off on her skirt*

Sailor Pluto: Oh, by the way I slept with Tuxedo Mask last night.
*Flawless Victory sound plays*

*Snaps fingers to start time*

Sailor Neptune: "Pluto? Did you just stop time? Isn't that a serious taboo?"

Sailor Pluto: "Its only taboo for Sailor Pluto but not for Sailor Dwarf Planet Pluto."

Sailor Neptune: "What happen to Sailor Moon? Is he... I mean she ok?"

Sailor Pluto: "She's fine don't worry about it, she'll get up. Now, let's finish this!"

Sailor Saturn: "Death Reborn Revolution!!"

*All Enemies die*
*FF Victory Music*
*Sign Lady Holds up Signs that say the exp, Gold, Items....*

Sailor Saturn: "I Leveled up!!! WOOHOO!!!!"

Sailor Pluto: "WOO! Drinks on me girls!"

Sailor Neptune: "Right on! "

Sailor Saturn: "You're a planet in my book Pluto!"

*Sailor Jupiter steals Sailor Moon's Wallet*

Sailor Jupiter: I got his...her wallet!!!

*all walk off stage and Sailor Moon slowly stands up*

Sailor Moon: "Am I dead?"
*Sad game over music plays*

Sailor Moon: "Guess so, what's this?"
*picks up a letter and reads aloud*

Sailor Moon: Dear Sailor Moon, That's Me!! Ran off with Sailor Pluto, I owe you a crystal, Love Tuxedo Mask. *Pause* Never trust a man with your 'crystal'."

*lights dim for a couple seconds and then come back on Sailor Moon*

Sailor Moon: You know Sailor Pluto and I said some really horrible things to each other. Sometimes even the best of friends will say or do things that hurt one another. It is always best to forgive the other person and apologize for your actions because it's the friendship that counts! Wait... What am I saying? I hate that cow. I'm going to go break both her knee caps. Sailor Moon says *giggle* See ya!


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