1. Ariane rocket launches

  2. World Tech Update, July 5, 2012

  3. European Parliament rejects ACTA

  4. Raw Video: Soyuz spacecraft lands in Kazakhstan

  5. Google I/O 2012: Developers line up for Project Glass, love Nexus 7

  6. World Tech Update, June 28, 2012

  7. Tablets, smartphones continue to drive growth as sales recede

  8. Canon shows augmented-reality platform with head-mounted displays

  9. Google I/O 2012: The Nexus 7 tablet, Nexus Q and Jelly Bean, the new Android operating system.

  10. IDG App Review: Music alternatives to iTunes

  11. EU court rejects Microsoft antitrust appeal, reduces fine

  12. Intel's research focused on realistic 3D avatar simulation

  13. The Byte - Microsoft v EU, Galaxy Tab blocked, iTunes Store, OLPC XO-3 tablet

  14. The Byte - Microsoft buys Yammer, airplane WiFi, HP cuts, Apple wages

  15. Gamifying the workplace to make employees more productive

  16. The Byte - Motorola Mobility lawsuit, Microsoft denies smartphone plans, OLED, social gamification

  17. Media leaders discuss future tech initiatives at Rio+Social

  18. World Tech Update, June 21, 2012

  19. First class of hardware accelerator designers launch robots and gadgets in San Francisco

  20. The Byte - Assange extradition, Tailored Displays, StreetView, Kodak patents

  21. The Byte - Microsoft Surface, HP vs. Oracle, AR card game, Panasonic Eluga

  22. Japan's Bandai shows trading cards, figurines with augmented reality

  23. Microsoft's tablet, called "Surface," released to target Apple

  24. The Byte - U.S. supercomputer, BMW Pedelec, Ford voice control, Microsoft Monday

  25. Voice control rides shotgun for Ford drivers

  26. The Byte - Microsoft Monday, tablet traffic, Samsung outage, robots at Tokyo Toy Show

  27. Robot toys! Japan's Tomy shows little dogs, boxers with gesture controls

  28. World Tech Update, June 14, 2012

  29. Panasonic smartphones sync with ovens, rice cookers, TVs

  30. The Byte - Verizon data plans, Metro-style apps, MacBook Pro, Desert Mountain

  31. The Byte - Apple WWDC, Kodak bidding, NASA rover, Android PC

  32. WWDC 2012: Apple uses Worldwide Developers Conference to announce new Macbook Pro, iOS6 and other pr

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  35. E3 2012: Microsoft makes plays for Xbox to become entertainment center, even for non-gamers

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  38. Computex 2012: Microsoft's Steve Guggenheimer targets iOS

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  40. E3 2012: Sony animates Wonder Book with augmented reality

  41. The Byte - Oracle acquisition, Donuts gTLDs, PlayStation, HTC partner, Adobe patches

  42. E3 2012: Usher performs at Xbox briefing to introduce Dance Central 3

  43. E3 2012: Nintendo spotlights Wii U titles

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  45. E3 2012: IDG Daily, June 5

  46. Computex 2012: Karaoke, ultrabooks and voice and face recognition star at Intel keynote

  47. Computex 2012: Pop Star Wang Lee Hom drops in on Intel's keynote address to help demonstrate ultrabo

  48. Computex 2012: ASUS unveils new products but suffers tech problems

  49. Computex 2012: IDG Daily, June 5

  50. E3 2012: Halo 4 game play at Microsoft's Xbox briefing

  51. E3 2012: Microsoft's Xbox Smart Glass to offer complimentary content across multiple devices

  52. The Byte - Salesforce acquisition, Galaxy S III, newtwork breaches, possible Facebook changes

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  55. Computex 2012: Acer unveils hybrid tablet and ultrabooks with Windows 8

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  57. Computex 2012: IDG Daily, June 3

  58. Samsung launches the Galaxy S III smartphone

  59. The Byte - Oracle defeat, speakerless phone, tablet virtual world, E3 next week

  60. Kyocera's speakerless phone hums sounds straight to the ear

  61. NTT DoCoMo shows tablet-based virtual sharing, two-way clear touchscreen

  62. World Tech Update, May 31, 2012

  63. New pilot project launched that has emergency workers scan QR codes to quickly access health informa

  64. Massachusetts to tackle big data with MIT, Intel

  65. The Byte - Assange appeal dismissed, social media use, TransferJet, WWDC Apple keynote

  66. San Francisco website TaskRabbit expands in the US, London in its sights

  67. The Byte - Radiation detecting phones, Facebook smartphones, RIM cuts, LG HD phone display

  68. Japan's Softbank to launch world's first radiation detector phone, 110 Mbps portable modem

  69. The Byte - Facebook Camera, HP layoffs, Rosemary the robot, IBM bans Siri

  70. Japan robot lab shows new nuclear plant explorer, interactive projection table, mars simulator

  71. World Tech Update, May 24, 2012

  72. Student wins award for new cancer detection method

  73. The Byte - Google closes deal, Army spy blimp, cancer detection, Lenovo profits

  74. Sony shows off new digital media hub for Vaio, Xperia, Vita, tablets

  75. The Byte - Google investigated, Facebook marriage, Windows Aero gone, Twitter privacy changes

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  79. Google makes building overhaul into environmental project, aims to surpass LEED certification

  80. CHI2012: World Tech Update, May 10, 2012

  81. UC Berkeley tests floating robot sensors to track water flow, environmental concerns

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  88. ARE2012: Sesame Street moves augmented reality from back alley to main street

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  93. Sharp's new robot vacuum talks back, takes pictures, streams video to your phone via Wi-Fi

  94. The Byte - Oracle lawsuit continues, Euronext issues, university network attacks, Lenovo facility pl

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  98. Fujitsu tech lets any mobile phone shoot 3D pictures or video

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