1. UW Election Eye 2012

  2. The Epps family: Generations of politics

  3. Interview with Mary Burpee, Wisconsin union organizer

  4. Election Eye is Portland Bound

  5. Greyhound Bus Movie.mov

  6. The PoetPatriot

  7. Interview with Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett

  8. Perspectives on National Security from Ground Zero.

  9. West Side Market - Cleveland, Ohio

  10. Multimedia: First-time canvassers explain why

  11. Coal dust from trains raises serious concerns for those living near the tracks

  12. UW Election Eye Slideshow

  13. Ada County, Idaho - Super Tuesday 2012 Republican caucus

  14. Santorum supporter talks Romney and splitting the conservative vote

  15. Democrat in the midst of Ada County Republican caucus

  16. Ada County Chairman Dwight Johnson excited about caucus turnout

  17. Interview: Idaho Governor Butch Otter supports Mitt Romney

  18. Ron Paul Town Hall - Sandpoint, ID - Audience Q: Evangelicals

  19. Ron Paul Town Hall - Sandpoint, ID - Audience Q: Electability

  20. Ron Paul Town Hall - Sandpoint, ID - Audience Q: Foreign Policy

  21. 12-year-old Ron Paul Supporter

  22. A video capture of Kingston Republican caucus

  23. Kirby Wilbur discusses Kennewick

  24. WA GOP Chairman Kirby Wilbur

  25. Ron Paul on ending the Federal Reserve

  26. Ron Paul Rally at Bell Harbor International Conference Center

  27. Olympia: Revenue Coalition gets its groove on.wmv

  28. Occupy President's Day: Rehearsal at Sylvester Park, Olympia

  29. John and Elizabeth Santorum at rally in Cable Center (Denver, Colorado) on Feb. 6, 2012

  30. Rick Santorum Rally: Cable Center on Feb. 6th, 2012

  31. Santorum wins Colorado: Will Mari interviews Ryan Call, GOP chairman

  32. Colorado Caucus Preliminary Results

  33. Ilona Idlis asks Newt Gingrich about Trump endorsement rumor

  34. Interview with Ryan Mahoney - Communications & Research staff for RNC

  35. Giants fan at Summerlin Caucus in Las Vegas

  36. Summerlin Caucus - Nevada

  37. Newt Gingrich supporter in Searchlight, NV

  38. Mitt Romney Rally in Henderson

  39. Ron Paul at Filipino-American vets rally in Las Vegas

  40. Donald Trump speaks with the press

  41. RickTyler.mov

  42. Cain's Pokemon rendition and singing

  43. Romney ready to rumble

  44. Raucous Ron Paul Rally in Columbia, SC

  45. Herman Cain sings Pokemon at Colbert Rally

  46. Cain post-SRLC Press Conference.MTS

  47. Herman Cain singing

  48. Gingrich rally 1/19/12

  49. Romney, Bain, and Georgetown Steel

  50. Myrtle Beach MLK Parade

  51. The Lamb Has Overcome.MTS

  52. Santorum in Florence on Jan. 15, 2012.wmv

  53. Santorum in Florence, SC - Jan. 15, 2012.wmv

  54. MorninginColumbia