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Tales of Symphonia - Exit Modifier: Dirk's House (Destroyed)

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Uploaded on Jun 26, 2007

Second of my videos from my various testing with the hacks available for the videogame Tales of Symphonia.

Character used: Zelos Wilder ('Cause I deleted all my data, and only had one save to work with. Would have used Kratos..)
Level: Dirk's House (Destroyed)
Map ID: 172

I apologize again for the quality not being very good. Same ripping method.

This time, I'm touring through the destroyed version of Dirk's House. I started it from the very place it put me again to see outside the level. Lots of stuff is different, as you can see. Potted plants are smashed, windows are broken, arrows in the house, yadda yadda.. It has a designated BGM, which is "In the Ashes". It has fully valid exit data and collision data, but doesn't have any actors (NPCs) present.

I leave the map and go back in, and it shows that everything is fine, which is again for more proof that I didn't get here through normal means.

This map was most likely planned for one of two scenarios:

1) When Iselia is attacked by the Desians to get to Lloyd, they could have ransacked Dirk's house as well. (The arrows sticking out of the house indicate this is very likely.) If this is the case, Dirk's house might have been planned to be MUCH closer to Iselia instead of miles away in a forest.

2) The earthquakes that destroyed Palmacosta and the Sylvarant seals also destroyed Dirk's house, and they found the house in this shape when returning from the attack on the Human Ranch. (The mark on the inside of the house may or may not indicate this. The idea may have been scrapped early enough that they stopped making the crack in the floor mid-way through.)

3) The disaster with the Tower of Salvation falling apart and Derris-Kharlan appearing could be a cause similar to that of scenario 2.

Either way, they had plans to use this at some point. Really wanna interrogate Namco now.

EDIT: Brainstorm thanks to LianaUchiha.

In scenario 3, if Dirk did NOT make it out okay (wounded, but not dead), Lloyd and co. would have to wait for Dirk's wounds to heal, and therefore also wait for Kratos' wounds to heal, and both Kratos and Zelos would be in the party. (This is ALMOST proven by a non-functional NINTH character slot) Or, Raine could heal his wounds, and in turn heal Kratos' wounds, and both are in the party anyway. If Dirk DIED, they'd have to wait for Altessa to heal, and therefore result in the same thing.

In scenario 2, if Dirk did make it out okay (wounded), then there would be little difference. Dirk would give the same reply, as he isn't very knowledgable about Cruxis Crystals. If Dirk had DIED, they'd have to go straight to Altessa anyway. Little difference, but they'd also have to wait until Altessa was well again in the end, and result in Kratos and Zelos.

In scenario 1, if Dirk did not make it out okay (wounded), Lloyd would be even more angry at the Desians and be fueled even more to destroy them. If Dirk died, Lloyd would be EVEN MORE pissed and go on a Desian-killing rampage for taking away each of his parents. Palmacosta inhabitants that had Exspheres placed on them would.. have Exspheres placed on them still and risk turning into Exbula. Would go straight to Altessa for Colette; Wait for Altessa to get well again in the end, resulting once more in Kratos and Zelos.

So my new theory is that this map was made when they were still meaning to have BOTH Kratos and Zelos in the party. And don't tell me they never were, because they obviously were. A ninth slot would not exist; there would not be ending artwork that included both of them with the group; and though probably irrelevant, the manga would not end with both of them. I'm willing to bet the OVA ends with both of them, too.


Tales of Symphonia is copyright Namco. I own NOTHING. Not even the VCR I used to tape it, sadly. ... Okay, I own the VHS tape that I used to tape it on...

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