1. Merry Christmas to the Entire Alzheimer's and Dementia Community Worldwide

  2. Alzheimer's Patient Dotty Eats Reese's Peanut Butter Cup

  3. Merry Christmas 2012

  4. Dotty Says Googbye

  5. Alzheimer's Patient Dotty Sings Shine on Harvest Moon with Harvey

  6. 95 Year Old Alzheimer's Patient Colors Beautifully and Talks About It

  7. 95 Year Old Dotty at the Pool March 18

  8. The Best Alzheimer's Caregiver Tool of Them All, Harvey

  9. Pete the Alzheimer's Caregiver Parrot Tip and Dotty

  10. New Year's Eve Fireworks Delray Beach 2012

  11. Happy Holidays from Dotty and Bob

  12. Alzheimer's Patient Sings Shine on Harvest Moon, and Talks to Parrot

  13. Dotty Rocks to Shrek

  14. Dotty Thanks Max and Carole

  15. Dotty is 95 Years Old Today

  16. Alzheimer's Patient and the New Pajamas

  17. Alzheimer's Patient Stars in Breakfast with Harvey

  18. Alzheimer's Patient Wishes Everyone A Happy Mother's Day

  19. Happy Easter 2011 From Dotty, Bob and Harvey

  20. Alzheimer's Patient Dotty Sings with Parrots

  21. Alzheimer's Patient Dotty Says Shut Up

  22. Pete the Talking Parrot Tip

  23. Happy Holidays To the Alzheimer's Community from Dotty and Bob

  24. Dotty Wishes Everyone a Happy Thanksgiving

  25. 94 Year Old Alzheimer's Patient, Dotty, Goes to the Pool

  26. 94 Year Old Alzheimer's Patient, Dotty, Goes to the Pool

  27. Dotty at the Doctor's Office

  28. Dotty Live Ice Cream

  29. Dotty Live at the Pool