1. Aaron Klein on Obama & Benghazi

  2. Romney's Border Patrol Policy

  3. Obama's Border Protection Policy

  4. Social Security! Or Is It?

  5. Obama vs. Romney - Social Issues (Pt. 4/4)

  6. Obama vs. Romney - Civil Liberties (Pt. 3/4)

  7. Obama vs. Romney - Foreign Policy (Pt. 2/4)

  8. Obama vs. Romney - Fiscal Issues (Pt. 1/4)

  9. Hands Off the Constitution!

  10. You Didn't Build That

  11. Joe Wolverton on Obamacare

  12. Financial Terrorism

  13. Reversing the Recession

  14. Department of Justice Statement on the Death of Brian Terry - About a Year and a Half Too Late

  15. Kirsten Lombard - Green Tier

  16. Lord Monckton slams Enviro-Marxist "Religion" at UN Rio+20

  17. Kiara Worth - Major Group of Children and Youth

  18. Wisconsin Is Only the Beginning

  19. Alex Newman Final Thoughts on Rio+20

  20. Alex Newman - Rio+20 Document

  21. Alex Newman on Press Bias During a Global Agreement at Rio+20

  22. Alex Newman Asks Brice Lolande a Few Questions

  23. Bill Jasper on Chief Sha Zukang

  24. Citizens United and Free Speech

  25. Corporate Sustainability

  26. Lord Monckton Breaks Down Rio+20

  27. Alex Newman on the Media at RIO+20

  28. Bill with Alex RIO+20 Video Chat - Day4

  29. Global Organizers - Bill Jasper & Alex Newman

  30. UN Alarmists

  31. Bill Jasper Covers ICLEI

  32. Alex Newman talks with Gro Harlem Brundtland & Mary Robinson

  33. Bill Jasper on Maurice Strong

  34. Bill and Alex RIO+20 Video Chat - Day 1

  35. The New American on James Lovelock

  36. Bill and Alex RIO+20 Video Chat - Day 2

  37. Vandana Shiva's thoughts on RIO+20 and the "Green" Movement

  38. Rio+20 - What to Expect

  39. The New American Reporting on RIO+20

  40. A Free Nuclear Economy

  41. CISPA Dissected

  42. Lessons from the Greek Crisis

  43. The Coming Food Police

  44. Carbon Dioxide and the "Climate Crisis"

  45. Global Tyranny ... Step by Step

  46. The Truth In Time

  47. Drones Over America

  48. 9/11: Press for Truth

  49. John McManus on the Economy, Debt, and the Dollar

  50. Katanga the Untold Story (Warning GRAPHIC Content)

  51. GSA and Government Waste

  52. A Look into the Southern Poverty Law Center

  53. JBS 25th Anniversary -- Julia Brown on the Importance of the John Birch Society's Mission

  54. A Touch of Sanity

  55. Lessons of Afghanistan

  56. JBS 25th Anniversary -- Charles Everett on JBS Leaders

  57. David Aguilar Exposé

  58. What Is the John Birch Society?

  59. Tom DeWeese - Agenda 21

  60. JBS 25th Anniversary -- Andrew J. Gatsis

  61. The Creature from Jekyll Island

  62. Contraception and the Constitution

  63. Fifty Years Too Many

  64. Look at the Score

  65. Is Rick Santorum a Fake Conservative?

  66. In One Generation

  67. EPA Property Wrongs

  68. Can America Survive Its Foreign Policy?

  69. JBS 25th Anniversary -- Bill Cherry on Membership in The John Birch Society

  70. City Council Meeting on Renewing ICLEI Membership

  71. JBS 25th Anniversary -- John F. McManus on the History of the John Birch Society's Founding

  72. Injustice for All

  73. Ruth Ziolkowski Interview on the Crazy Horse Memorial

  74. Stand Up For Freedom

  75. Tragedy By Design

  76. The John Birch Society Speaks

  77. The Life of John Birch

  78. US Laundering Money to the Drug Cartel While Pulling Money from their own Agents.

  79. Are Guns To Blame?

  80. The Gang

  81. The Rise of the Robber State

  82. Murder Case of Brian Terry Sealed

  83. Why Weren't We Told?

  84. Education Is the Key

  85. Chinagate

  86. Jesus Diaz Case and Other Cases That Don't Add Up

  87. Jesus Diaz Revisited - Did Witnesses Lie?

  88. United States vs United Nations

  89. Term Limits - A Threat to our Constitution

  90. Take Your Money Back

  91. Borderline Chaos

  92. Original Intent Part II

  93. Original Intent Part I

  94. No Guns for Jews

  95. Which Way America? Part II

  96. Diana Diaz Interview

  97. Which Way America? Part I

  98. Protecting Rights: Loyal Americans Targeted by the SPLC

  99. Baghdad Bob of the Border Patrol