1. Obama visits UIC

  2. Chicago celebrates Korean American Day

  3. Occupy Columbia Town Hall Meeting

  4. Occupy Columbia

  5. Word 'N Stuff Zine Workshop

  6. Occupy Columbia protesters granted town hall meeting

  7. Word On The Street - Is CTA safer?

  8. Magnificent Mile Lights Festival

  9. Afrobella Blogger visits Columbia

  10. BSU's 5th Annual Paint It Black

  11. "The Climate Reality Project" with James Sweitzer

  12. Intro To Redistricting

  13. Columbia Recycling Starts Composting

  14. Visiting Kevin at the MSI

  15. Back to Ghoul Bash raises scholarship money

  16. Online Writer Erin Gloria Ryan visits Columbia

  17. ISO Pumpkin Carving Contest

  18. Kevin moves into the MSI

  19. Man gets arrested by State Street

  20. Westside Health Authority's Community Kitchen

  21. One Tribe Presents CoffeeTalk

  22. Dessert Crawl

  23. Occupy Chicago

  24. The F Word Makes a Comeback

  25. Diana Solis

  26. Frank Waln of Nake Nula Waun

  27. Keep your hands off my Medicaid

  28. Columbia gets vintage

  29. Pleasing the ADHD palette with Dance

  30. CPS leaders quarrel over schools

  31. Sirs and Madams

  32. Independence in September

  33. Fresh Moves

  34. FiestaBoricua

  35. "Crowd in a Barrel"

  36. SummerDance Tango

  37. Fly to fitness with aerial trapeze

  38. Biggest Mouth showcases Columbia's best talent

  39. Columbia College Chicago Manifest Preview 2011

  40. Ladies wrestle arm in arm

  41. Food Truck Summit raises awareness

  42. Chicago Housing Authority, gives a CHA resident relocation update

  43. A review of "Transit Love" from the Chicago Latino Film Festival 2011

  44. How to: Throw a Frisbee

  45. End of an era in 50th Ward

  46. Brother, sister duo brings the country to Columbia

  47. How to skateboard

  48. Rotofugi: Creatures in toyland

  49. McDonalds All-American game returns to Chicago

  50. Red Hot Runway

  51. Hot Yoga: An inside look

  52. Girls got game

  53. 'Lincoln Lawyer' Film Review

  54. Bull riding at the home of the Chicago Bulls

  55. 'Coming out of the shadows' rally at Daley Plaza

  56. How to fill out your NCAA Brackets

  57. NFL Scouting Combine coverage

  58. Walking with a choice

  59. Union workers and city residents show their support against Wisconsin legislation

  60. RIC Blackhawks sled hockey

  61. Loyola Rambler's Courtney Stanley's game-winning three pointer at the buzzer in overtime.

  62. Pole Dancing Fitness

  63. 'Benjamin Button' actress visits Columbia

  64. Chicago Autoshow highlights

  65. Northwestern, Illinois, not reaching high bar set at beginning of season

  66. Che 'Rhymefest' Smith returns to Columbia

  67. Krispy Fringe, Vintage Bazaar and more put their spin on vintage shopping

  68. Columbia professor brings on the comedy

  69. Bellydance fitness

  70. How to do a split

  71. Study finds music can be addictive

  72. Question of the week: What did you do during 'Snowpocalypse?'

  73. 'The Housemaid' film review

  74. Columbia improv group Droppin' $cience going to Nationals

  75. Circus meets fitness

  76. FBI investigations on the rise

  77. How to Spin on ice

  78. White Sox pick up manager Ozzie Guillen's option for 2012

  79. Revival of athletics at Roosevelt University

  80. A how-to-minute: Meditation

  81. Chicago Cub fans fill up the Hilton for convention

  82. Windy City Rollers take it to the tracks

  83. Chicago Public School students juke for success

  84. Top 10 films of 2010

  85. 'Dexter' star motivates students

  86. Columbia's Got Talent

  87. Patti Smith visits, inspires

  88. Wal-Mart PR director speaks at Columbia

  89. College Football Showdown at Wrigley

  90. Behind the class: Stage Combat

  91. 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows' Film Review

  92. Over 20 years of Flamenco dancing

  93. One-on-One with Degrassi's Shannon Kook-Chun

  94. Harry Potter's Quidditch games come to life

  95. From Hip hop artist to alderman candidate

  96. 'The Next Three Days Film Review

  97. Students run for 'Blood Ball' King and Queen

  98. Big Ten conference media day

  99. 'Inspector Bellamy' Film Review