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Stock Sounds: Police Station from SimCity 3000

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Uploaded on Dec 30, 2008

Some interesting news emerged on reddit. Apparently, it's a clip produced by a company called Hollywood Edge. It's on cd 15 of the Premiere Edition series, 'Interior Crowds And Ambiences' and is called 'Police Radio, Female Dispatcher'.

List of appearances (partial):

7th Heaven 2x02, approx 21 min 58 sec in
Aliens in America 1x14, approx 4 min 23 sec in
Beavis & Butthead 6x16, approx 4 min 40 sec in
Boston Legal 1x08, approx 38 min 30 sec in
Castle 1x10, approx 12 min 35 sec in
The Closer 1x05, approx 18 min 27 sec in
The Closer 7x10, approx 2 min 48 sec in
Columbo 10x06 "A Bird in the Hand...", approx 1 hr 00 min 41 sec in
COPS 13x17 (Yahoo TV Ep. Guide), approx 2 min 50 sec in
Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior 1x09, approx 35 min 45 sec in
CSI NY 4x01, approx 8 min 28 sec in
CSI NY 5x14, approx 23 min 58 sec in
CSI NY 7x05, approx 02 min 51 sec in
CSI NY 7x20, approx 18 min 01 sec in
Curb Your Enthusiasm, approx 1 min 11 sec on
Fringe 3x16, approx 18 min 13 sec in
The Hard Times of RJ Berger 1x12, approx 32 sec in
Home Improvement 5x25, approx 3 min 42 sec in
iCarly 6x05, approx 3 min 57 sec in
King of Queens 8x23, approx 3 min 26 sec in
Kyle XY, approx 3 min 47 sec in
Law & Order 7x15, approx 13 min 39 sec in
Law & Order SVU 2x12, approx 2 min 35 sec in
Law & Order SVU 3x20, approx 30 min 44 sec in
The Life & Times of Tim, 2x01, approx 22 min 47 sec in
Life on Mars (US) 1x06, approx 13 min 22 sec in
Little Britain USA 1x05, approx 36 sec in
Nip/Tuck 3x12, approx 27 min 07 sec in
Ocean Girl 1x12, approx 15 min 50 sec in
Reno 911!, approx 11 min 26 sec
The Ricky Gervais Show (animated) 1x12, approx 4 min 1 sec in
Superman: The Animated Series 2x16, approx 2 min 32 sec in
Tom Goes To The Mayor 1x10, approx 10 min 21 sec in
Trailer Park Boys 3x08, approx 11 min 40 sec in
Two and a Half Men 6x10, approx 18 min 00 sec in
Wonderfalls 1x02, approx 41 min 10 sec in

The X-Files requires its own subsection:
1x04, approx 26 min 48 sec in
1x11, approx 26 min 43 sec AND 33 min 32 sec in
2x04, approx 39 min 56 sec in
Many other appearances (keep 'em coming! I remember one where Mulder was in a trailer with a radio in it, but I can't remember what episode it was. Can you?)

12 Monkeys, approx 1 hr 37 min 01 sec in
Beyond a Reasonable Doubt (2009), approx 1 hr 39 min 33 sec in
Boyz n the Hood, approx 16 min 05 sec in AND 1 hr 12 min 27 sec in
Brainscan, approx 12 min 32 sec in
Compliance, approx 1 hr 18 min 27 sec in
The Crew, approx 1 hr 18 min 26 sec
The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008), approx 9 min 12 sec in
Deceiver, approx 1 hr 29 min 58 sec in
Donnie Darko, approx 13 min 49 sec in
Eagle Eye, approx 47 min 11 sec in
A Film With Me In It, approx 49 min 11 sec in
The Fluffer, approx 1 hr 08 min 41 sec
Gone in 60 Seconds, approx 1 hour 08 min 26 sec
Jennifer's Body, approx 26 min in
Ken Park, approx 1 hr 22 min 47 sec in
I Love You Phillip Morris, approx 10 min 53 sec in
The Minus Man, approx 1 hr 42 min 42 sec in
Next Friday, approx 1 hr 23 min 27 sec in
Nixon, approx 1 hr 50 min 56 sec in
Pee-Wee's Big Adventure, approx 37 min 07 sec in
Runaway Jury, approx 1 hr 10 min 14 sec in
The Taking of Pelham 123 (2009), approx 1 hr 37 min 34 sec in
Terror Trap, approx 28 min 19 sec in
Titanic 3D trailer, approx 10 sec in
Unknown (2006), approx 1 hr 17 min 40 sec in
X2, approx 1 hr 00 min 14 sec in

Web Original:
Alan Wake: Bright Falls 1x06, approx 5 min 42 sec in

Gang Starr vs. Mobb Deep - Just To Get A Rep vs. Shook Ones Part II
Scarface - No Tears
Snoop Dogg - Murder Was The Case Live @ The House of Blues
Proof feat. Nate Dogg and Swifty Mcvay - Sammy Da Bull

Video games
Blue Heat: The Case of the Cover Girl Murders


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