1. Martin Pera: New embryonic stem cell lines

  2. Hans Keirstead: Developing therapies based on embryonic stem cells

  3. Fred H. Gage: Stem cells for modeling disease

  4. Alan Lewis: Embryonic Stem Cell Therapies for diabetes

  5. Mark Mercola: Differentiating embryonic stem cells into adult tissues

  6. Jerome Zack: Creating iPS Cells

  7. Catriona Jamieson: Therapies Based on Cancer Stem Cells

  8. Amander Clark: Creating Embryonic Stem Cell Lines

  9. Jeff Bluestone: Immune rejection of stem cell transplants

  10. Bruce Conklin: Drug screening with stem cells

  11. Peter Donovan: Maintaining Stem Cell Lines in the Lab

  12. Irv Weissman: Differences between Adult and Embryonic Stem Cells

  13. Robert Blelloch: Creating New Embryonic Stem Cell Lines Through Nuclear Transfer (SCNT)

  14. Mary Devereaux talks about ethical oversight of stem cell research

  15. Paul Knoepfler: Tumor Formation in Embryonic Stem Cells