1. Border Patrol bumps car, 9 persons killed

  2. BASE Jumper Becomes Stuck in Tree

  3. Big Pharma: Painkillers cause of millions of headaches

  4. Glowing UFO-Lights over Priozersk, Kazakhstan. September 18, 2012

  5. Tornado of Fire caught on tape near Alice Springs, Australia

  6. Driver walk away after dragster crashes, catches fire

  7. Florida: Titusville Sinkhole claims tractor

  8. UK Beard and Mustache contest

  9. Tightrope record more than 1,000 feet high across the Dehang Canyon in China

  10. Mt Gamalama in Indonesia erupts smoke and ash

  11. Mysterious UFO-Lights over Beijing, China. September 17, 2012

  12. Two UFOs filmed over Moscow, Russia. September 17, 2012

  13. NATO(bama) Air Strike Kills at least eight Women

  14. A change of command at the International Space Station(ISS)

  15. Typhoon hits Japan's Okinawa

  16. Paragliders seen from my rooftop. Örnsköldsvik-Sweden

  17. Southern California Car Chase - Ends With a Bridge Jump

  18. Successful Alternative to Chemo Drugs

  19. BBC News - Czech spirits ban after 19 people poisoned

  20. Tens of Thousands demonstrate against austerity in Spain

  21. Motorcycle Explodes after hitting a utility pole(in Colombia)

  22. Moscow Police Clashes with Migrant Workers

  23. Scientists find giant wombat-like marsupial fossil

  24. Rockets, Missiles, Planes or what is this? Moscow, September 14, 2012

  25. Guatemala's Volcano of Fire: 33,000 flee eruption

  26. Naked Spider-Man hailed as best streaker ever

  27. New machine turns plastics into oil

  28. Stolen trailer used as 'doomsday' bunker

  29. Rabid Beaver Charges Children in Fairfax County

  30. Wanted in Central Park Sex Assault

  31. Motorcyclist slams into trailer, flies off bike

  32. Progress? made toward restarting Ft. Calhoun Nuclear Plant

  33. Robotic dog unveiled by the US military

  34. Canada: B.C. wildfire evacuation forces 1,500 from homes

  35. Police Officer Tases Woman in Handcuffes

  36. Pirate Party shakes up German politics

  37. Floods wreak havoc in North Korea

  38. Eruption of Volcano San Cristobal in Nicaragua forces mass evacuation

  39. Giant Dust Storm blankets parts of Arizona

  40. Tornado Over Belt Parkway, New York

  41. Quakes hit southwestern China, killing at least 43

  42. Officer pistol-whips teen, gun goes off

  43. Dancing Cop Lightens Mood In Traffic Jams

  44. Man wearing 'Joker' make-up arrested at movie theater in Melbourne, Fla.

  45. Deranged moose attacks Vermont man

  46. BBC News - Turkey Grenade depot Blast kills 25

  47. Spacewalking astronauts repair station's power system

  48. Is it a bird, a plane? No, it's Putin, human crane

  49. Sinkhole could close Ottawa highway for days

  50. Million-dollar electric super-car revs up for London debut

  51. Seven boaters are tossed around after hitting a large wave

  52. 7.9M Quake Rocks Costa Rica

  53. Naked man interrupts interview

  54. Giant EarthWorm found in China

  55. BBC News - Drones coming to skies near you

  56. Minnesota police officers kicking and slamming suspect's head on a car

  57. Australian scientist develop the world's first bionic eye

  58. CNN: How Deadly is a Supervolcano?

  59. Man ships himself to girlfriend, gets lost in mail

  60. LAPD faces Brutality Charges after beating up a 34-year-old woman

  61. Isaac forces Dam Evacuation order

  62. Canadian newscast visited by a Bat

  63. Texas mayor killed by 500-pound Donkey

  64. Astronauts embark on six and a half hour spacewalk

  65. Armada of UFOs passing over Balakovo, Russia

  66. Video captures chopper crash, India's Hindu spiritual leader survives

  67. Hurricane Isaac wreaks havoc on New Orleans

  68. Sinkhole opens on street in San Fransisco

  69. Drunk woman on a horse. Early morning in Mitino, Russia

  70. Mars rover photographs first target - a rock

  71. Spectacular Pipe Explosion in Luo Yang, China

  72. Pictures of Suspected in Bulgarian Suicide Attack

  73. Sheriff Arpaio profiting from birther battle?

  74. Chair Balloonists Come Down With A Bump

  75. Huge Sinkhole in Suwannee County, Florida

  76. Deadly tornadoes rip through northern Poland

  77. Mysterious Bright Objects over the Jinan Olympic Sports Center Stadium, China. July 15, 2012

  78. Nine-year-old descends into active volcano

  79. 400,000 told to Evacuate in Japan deluge

  80. Surfer in Australia killed in Shark Attack

  81. Image of Virgin Mary in Tree Bark in New Jersey?

  82. More landslides delay search for Trapped B.C. family

  83. Large solar flare signals weekend disruptions on Earth

  84. Face to face with a Great White Shark

  85. The British UFO Files: Aliens 'might come here for holidays'

  86. Files revealing the work of a UFO unit within the MoD are revealed for the first time

  87. BBC News - Piranha hunt under way after attacks in Chinese river

  88. Floods and landslides in Japan leave over 20 missing or dead

  89. Nice day in the forest with my dog(Buster). Ryssjö-Sweden, July 9, 2012

  90. Death toll climbs to 150 in Russia flooding

  91. Triangle UFO or just Chinese lanterns? Moscow, Russia, July 7, 2012

  92. Chinese tightrope walker survives high-wire fall

  93. Devastating floods sweep China

  94. Mysterious Dark Object Monitoring the skies of Meleuz, Russia. July 7, 2012

  95. BBC: Flash Floods kill more than 100 persons in Russia

  96. Update: More than 100 die in torrential rains in Gelendzhik, Russia

  97. Snakes and Sinners: Tennesee Church Practices Snake Handling

  98. Lolong is world's largest Crocodile

  99. BBC News - Five killed in German gun siege in city of Karlsruhe