1. CAVE Quake III Arena 3D

  2. Mars Rover in 3D

  3. CAVE Quake III Arena

  4. LiDAR Viewer with Oculus and Hydra

  5. Nanotech Construction Kit with Oculus and Hydra

  6. Vrui on Oculus Rift with Razer Hydra and Kinect

  7. Virtual Worlds Using Head-mounted Displays

  8. Virtual Clay Modeling with Razer Hydra Devices

  9. Meet the LiDAR Viewer

  10. Intrinsic Kinect Camera Calibration Check

  11. Intrinsic Kinect Camera Calibration with Semi-transparent Grid

  12. Razer Hydra for low-cost 3D displays

  13. Interactive LIC Visualization of Past Ocean Flow Patterns

  14. Curiosity Killed the CAVE

  15. AR Sandbox Calibration - Step 5

  16. AR Sandbox Calibration - Step 4

  17. LiDAR Viewer in CAVE

  18. Descent as First-Person Shooter in a CAVE

  19. Using Virtual Reality

  20. How To Train Your Sandbox

  21. Virtual Dam Failure and Fun with Water

  22. Augmented Reality Sandbox with Real-Time Water Flow Simulation

  23. Collaborative Visualization of Microbialites

  24. Picnic Day Exhibit Test - 3D TV

  25. All Quiet on the Martian Front

  26. Using KinectViewer to Calibrate Multiple Cameras

  27. A Day at the Office

  28. 2 Kinects 1 Box

  29. Software Release and Kinect Camera Calibration

  30. NCK - Two-Handed Interaction and Software Release

  31. Kinect and Wiimote and Nanotech Construction Kit

  32. Follow-up on Multiple Kinects

  33. Software Release (and a little surprise)

  34. Multiple Kinects -- possible? Moving while capturing -- possible?

  35. Measuring Virtual Objects

  36. 3D Video Capture with Kinect

  37. Medical Data Visualization using 3D TV

  38. Creating a Buckyball using NCK

  39. Interactive Globe