1. Oh JK Rowling - Kinetic Typography

  2. I Love Science (Clean Version) (Uncensored link in the Description)

  3. Undigested Lump (A Song)

  4. Oh, JK Rowling - A Harry Potter Song

  5. 21st Century Sherlock: A Sherlock / Doors Song

  6. Open Letter to the Wizards

  7. I Don't Have a Favorite Pony

  8. Tumblr: The Musical

  9. The Universe is Weird: A Song

  10. The Subway Where I Used To Go (Somebody That I Used To Know / Gotye Parody)

  11. This is How You Load a Dishwasher - A Song

  12. An Awful Lot of Touring

  13. T-Shirt and Jeans - A Song

  14. Steve Jobs and a Song


  16. Harry Freaking Potter

  17. The Ice Cream Changes

  18. This Machine Pwns n00bs Video LP

  19. Adult Female: A Song

  20. Makin' Babies: A Song


  22. Phineas Gage: A Song

  23. Strange Charm: A Song about Quarks

  24. The Fermi Paradox: A Song

  25. I Hung out with Snookie...Accidentally

  26. Farmville!!!!! A Song

  27. Hank Raps about w00tstock...for real

  28. Having a bad day on Chat Roulette


  30. The STUPIDEST NEWS STORIES of 2009 (a song)

  31. Project for Awesome: The Nature Conservancy

  32. This Machine Pwns n00bs: A Song

  33. Please Buy My Album (A Song / Medley)

  34. Balloon Boy: A Short Song

  35. Nerdfighteria Island

  36. Where's Margo! A Nerdfighter Event!

  37. Television Crime Shows Suck


  39. So Jokes: Video EP

  40. Vegetables that look like Penises

  41. Mules are so Half-Ass

  42. This Isn't Hogwarts! A Harry Potter Song

  43. Most Subscribed: A Song

  44. The Fathers of the Founding Fathers

  45. Protons and Neutrons: A Song

  46. Ulcerative Colitis: A Song

  47. Dead Boy's Girlfriend


  49. DFTBA

  50. The Day the YouTubes Died

  51. It All Makes Sense at the End

  52. Squirrel Attack!

  53. I'm Not Edward Cullen: A Song

  54. I Know (A Song in Ten Words)

  55. A Song About an Anglerfish

  56. Stock Adviser (Via Britney)

  57. TIny Cars SUCK!

  58. A Christmas Song!

  59. Four Foot Squirrel

  60. Funny Noises from Tennessee

  61. SPWNING Halloween

  62. Hank and Katherine...On the Rise

  63. The Man Who Throws the Tetris Piece

  64. Obama Llama Song

  65. This Song is for Willy

  66. Butte Montana

  67. Book Eight...Another Harry Potter Song

  68. What Would Captain Picard Do

  69. From the Airport: And some Nerdfighterlike

  70. People Who Love Giraffes Who Love Giraffes (The Song)

  71. Dec 31: Goodbye Brotherhood 2.0

  72. December 19: The Day that the Nerds Took Over YouTube

  73. December 5th: The Adorable Cannibal (PG-13)

  74. November 14th: Florida (from LA) ***EXPLICIT LANGUAGE***

  75. October 31st: Nerd Gurl *EXPLICIT*

  76. October 17th: The Man Who Throws The Tetris Piece

  77. Oct 3rd: Baby I Sold Your Dog On EBay

  78. September 19th: The Luck of my Life

  79. September 5th: I'm Gonna Kill You

  80. August 29th: Goodbye 29 Year Old John

  81. August 15: Getting Featured on YouTube

  82. August 1: It's Too Hot

  83. July 18: Accio Deathly Hallows (no spoilers)

  84. June 27: Good Morning John, it's Wednesday

  85. May 30th: Ranavalona and Clean Coal

  86. May 23rd: Miniature Soccer Team

  87. My 9th: Singing and Randy

  88. May 1st: Neil Gaiman in Helena

  89. Helen Hunt