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Top-secret super-secure Los Alamos vault declassified

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Published on Jul 19, 2013

Down in a remote canyon near Los Alamos National Laboratory lies a facility known as the "Tunnel Vault," once one of the most secret and secure locations in the United States, it's the original post-WWII nuclear stockpile storage area. Located in Los Alamos canyon at Technical Area 41, the Tunnel Vault was built between 1948 and 1949. The facility has a formidable security perimeter, a hardened guard tower — complete with gun ports and bulletproof glass — and a series of gates and doors that lead to a 230-foot long concrete tunnel that goes straight into the canyon wall. At the end of the tunnel is a large alcove room with a single bank vault door. Through that door is a vault built inside a vault with five storage areas, all protected with identical bank vault doors. Over the years the Tunnel Vault was also used as a nuclear materials and nuclear fuel storage area, a weapons research and development laboratory, weapons components storage, and nuclear material assembly for tests both in the Pacific and in Nevada. About halfway down the tunnel is a side room that was used for early development of unclassified research that led to the discovery of the solar neutrino — work that later won a Nobel Prize in physics — a lab space ideal for the work because it's buried 300-feet deep underground.

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  16. Top-secret super-secure Los Alamos vault declassified

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    LANL Researcher Roger Wiens Discusses ChemCam

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    Los Alamos National Laboratory Tearing Down Old Administration Building

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    LANL Holiday Food Drive "Feed the 500"

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    HazMat Challenge 2010 at Los Alamos National Laboratory

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    Los Alamos National Laboratory Update, Spring 2010

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    Understanding Dark Energy Using the Roadrunner Supercomputer

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    From Earth to Saturn: Los Alamos Achievements

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    Roadrunner Supercomputer Breaks the Petaflop Barrier

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    Unique Sensor Plane Maps Invisible Toxins for First Responders

  78. 78

    LANL Director Anastasio's Senate subcommittee testimony

  79. 79

    Recovering Radioactive Materials with OSRP team

  80. 80

    ChemCam rock laser for the Mars Science Laboratory

  81. 81

    Scientists train honeybees to detect explosives

  82. 82

    Protective Force training session, Los Alamos National Lab

  83. 83

    Bridge-safety monitoring technology, Los Alamos National Lab

  84. 84

    Los Alamos tests of conventional high explosives

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