1. Student Debt and the Value of College Degree

  2. California and the Immigration Debate

  3. What Californians Think About Climate Change

  4. Steps Toward a Healthier Delta Ecosystem

  5. California's Economy: Focus on Jobs

  6. California's Budget: Planning for the Future

  7. Health Care in California: Planning for a Better Future

  8. California's Population: Planning for the Future

  9. Paying for Education in California: Planning for the Future

  10. Corrections in California: Planning for a Better Future

  11. California Water: Planning for a Better Future

  12. Improving School Accountability in California

  13. Housing in California: Planning for a Better Future

  14. Climate Change in California: Planning for a Better Future

  15. California's Workforce: Planning for a Better Future

  16. Electoral Reform and Election 2012

  17. Proposition 30 and School Finance in California

  18. Election 2012: A Historic Vote in California

  19. Who Are California's English Learners?

  20. California Economy: A 2012 Snapshot

  21. Historic Change in California's Prison System

  22. California's School Finance System: Reform Efforts

  23. Californians Favor Tax Increases--For the Rich

  24. Election 2012: Year of Change in California

  25. California Housing: Lingering Crisis But Reasons for Hope

  26. How California's Welfare Program Works

  27. The Great Recession and Family Income

  28. Who Are California's Poor?

  29. Californians Concerned About Higher Education Cuts, Cost

  30. Illegal Immigration in California

  31. La Inmigración Ilegal en California

  32. Double Trouble in California's Housing Market

  33. California's Changing Population

  34. How Can California Spur Job Creation?

  35. California Water Woes: A Way Out

  36. Is California on the Road to Change?

  37. Taking the Pulse: How Healthy Are California Communities?

  38. Immigration: Setting the Stage for Debate

  39. Reforma al Sistema de Inmigración: Puntos Centrales del Debate

  40. Fixing California's School Finance System

  41. Californians Worry About College Costs, Access

  42. Reading Reform: What Works?

  43. Californians, the Environment, and Election 2010

  44. Election 2010: California's Political Profile

  45. The California Economy: Beyond the Recession

  46. California's Climate Change Challenge

  47. The 2010 Census: Why it Matters for California

  48. How Californians Feel About K-12 Public Schools

  49. Higher Education: Updating California's Master Plan

  50. California's Growing and Changing Population

  51. California Water: Long-term Challenges and Solutions

  52. Myths and Realities about California Water