1. Siberian crystals for science and life

  2. The Legacy of Lord Rayleigh

  3. Timekeeping: From the Sun to the Atomic Second

  4. Introduction to NPL

  5. Sounding bubbles

  6. How long is a piece of string?

  7. Climate change and the global energy challenge

  8. Electrification of vehicle powertrains

  9. Proteins and Solvent in Molecular Simulations

  10. The Birth of Atomic Time

  11. Time Scales

  12. Louis Essen's Legacy: where we are now and where we're going

  13. NPLTime®

  14. Christmas Candles

  15. Cyborgs: Ghosts of Christmas Future

  16. Measurement Curiosities

  17. The buoyancy method - a potential new primary ultrasound power standard

  18. Phase-insensitive detection for reduction of image artefacts in ultrasound breast screening

  19. Towards a quantum representation of the ampere using single electron pumps

  20. Mechanisation of Thought Processes: Artificial Intelligence in the 21st Century

  21. How to achieve accurate optical surface topography measurement

  22. Imaging receptors, ion channels and molecular motors in live cells using TIRF microscopy

  23. The Micro/Nano-Satellite Revolution

  24. Dexterous acoustic tweezers

  25. The Large Hadron Collider Project - the Higgs boson and beyond

  26. The highs and lows of cocaine

  27. Room temperature solid-state maser

  28. Revealing the hidden microstructure of materials

  29. Cool multiferroic materials for solid-state cooling

  30. Nanobiotechnology at Interfaces

  31. Mossbauer Spectroscopy

  32. Modern Statistics, Exploratory Data Analysis, and Design of Experiments

  33. A Little Light Relief

  34. Towards a smarter web

  35. Flow control in the presence of shocks

  36. Mapping photocurrent generation in the nanoscale

  37. Nanofluidics: a study in choreography

  38. Towards a quantum resistance standard based on epitaxial graphene

  39. Innovations in High Temperature Measurement

  40. Exploring the Universe with the world's largest radio telescope

  41. Seeking the TRUTHS about climate change

  42. The Challenge of Implementing the GUM and its Supplements

  43. Charles Galton Darwin and the NPL at war

  44. Emerging technologies based on multiferroic materials

  45. The coolest place at NPL

  46. Mathematical models for metrology

  47. Rock Guitar in 11 Dimensions

  48. Plastics are for Dollies - Metals Fight Back

  49. The impact of cosmic radiation on air travel

  50. The Physics of the Climate System

  51. Trying to find the missing sunlight

  52. Shedding some light on biological tissue

  53. Building bridges between measurement and perception

  54. NPL's role in developing polymer composites metrology for use in today's state-of-the art structures

  55. Saving the planet by regulations

  56. Beauty IS skin deep

  57. Shining a light on climate change

  58. Surgery by soundbeam

  59. Resolving uncertainty in climate change data

  60. Adapting the SI to the 21st century

  61. Measuring dose in complex 3D treatments

  62. From metre to picometre

  63. Metallic spintronics

  64. Space: The Final Frontier for Wireless Comms?

  65. The Quantum Elephant in the Metrology Corner

  66. Immunoassay in medical diagnostics

  67. On the road to the universal Kelvin

  68. Fuel cells: making the transition to a low carbon economy

  69. Sustaining Moore's Law

  70. Air Pollution Modelling

  71. Making quantum electrical standards more accessible

  72. Radiochemical analysis of Nuclear Reactor Bioshields

  73. Lord Rayleigh

  74. Why are NPL getting a Clinical LinAc?

  75. Electron Backscattering Diffraction

  76. Atom and molecule mechanics

  77. High Efficiency Lighting - the measurement challenge

  78. Citior, altior, fortior ... accuratior?

  79. Humidity measurement

  80. Metropoly: a game of chance

  81. How can you measure it if you can't see it?

  82. Serpents and Synthesisers

  83. Closing the Metrological Triangle with a Superconducting Nanowire

  84. Harmonisation through metrology?

  85. The Magic of Flat Carbon

  86. Probing into the future

  87. Nature's Nanomachines

  88. New Materials Science with Synchrotron Radiation

  89. From the Lab to the Marketplace

  90. Transport at the nanoscale

  91. In Pursuit of Pulsars

  92. Soundscapes and action plans

  93. Personal Wireless Communications

  94. Combating cancer in the third millennium

  95. Structured organic cyanine dye thin films

  96. Building on the Building Blocks of Life

  97. CLARREO: Decadal Change Accuracy

  98. Evil on the Internet

  99. From protein folding to nanoscale design

  100. FIRST Explorer

  101. Drunken Walks on a Nanoscale Tightrope

  102. The physics of perception

  103. Ambient Mass Spectrometry

  104. Scratching the Surface

  105. Linking clocks with optical fibres