1. Alexis Lloyd - Designing Conversations with Algorithms

  2. Interview with 16 year-old hacker and maker Sean Goff

  3. LEGO® Serious Play® - #LSP Workshop Day 2 #lift14

  4. Have you met the Blabdroids yet? #lift14

  5. New York Times RD Lab - Workshop - Day 2 #lift14

  6. Politician vs. biohacker #lift14

  7. Playing With Rules - Workshop Day 1 #lift14

  8. Comment les robots nous aident à comprendre l'homme

  9. Des Fab Labs en entreprise, pourquoi faire ?

  10. Olivier Mevel, reaDIYmate

  11. Sénamé Agbodjinou, WoeLab

  12. Age of the Inpossible

  13. Sami Kanaan, Urban Data Challenge exhibit

  14. Agile Business Design at FREITAG

  15. Bio / Hack Innovation

  16. Lift13 Recap

  17. Harming and Protecting Robots

  18. Promise: A constitution for the people by the people.

  19. Lightning in the Age of Cloud Computing

  20. Quel futur pour l'industrie du luxe?

  21. Reading the riots on Twitter

  22. The future of money

  23. Lift12 Recap

  24. Swiss-Korean Innovation Night, curated by Lift

  25. Alp ICT Venture Night 2012

  26. How creating a start-up can feel like an antarctic expedition

  27. Killing your digital identity

  28. etoy.CORPORATION - twisting capitalism technology since 1994

  29. Dancing with Handcuffs: The Geography of Trust in Social Networks

  30. Mass customisation and 3D printing


  32. Open Source Nuclear Fusion

  33. Networking for the Unexpected: Building resilience and innovation with Village Telco by Steve Song

  34. Visualizing urban flows with mobile data

  35. Open Data: How We Got Here and Where We're Going by Rufus Pollock

  36. Technologies vs people

  37. Level vs. Level Are in the future all games gamified?

  38. The Open Source Satellite Initiative by Hojun Song

  39. Peer-to-Peer Currencies: The Amazing (And True!) Story of Bitcoin by Adrianne Jeffries

  40. The future of mobile phone applications by Nick Heller

  41. Democratizing Innovation - Grandma likes that by Fabian Hemmert

  42. Perspective on information overload by Anaïs Saint-Jude

  43. Reinventing finance, one startup at the time

  44. David Rowan "Startup entrepreneurs should move to Africa now"

  45. Lift12 preview with Sylvie Reinhard, Nicolas Nova and Laurent Haug

  46. Philippe Lemoine "Wrap up and Take aways"

  47. Roger Malina "Wrap-up"

  48. Alex Soojung-Kim Pang "Contemplative Computing"

  49. Juliana Rotich "Ushahidi: Powered by Open Source"

  50. Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino "Homesense project: agile and open innovation against all odds"

  51. Kris de Decker "Ecotech myths and lessons from the past"

  52. Gabriel Borges "Open innovation initiatives"

  53. Ville Keränen "From Team Academy to the future: Building organizations for humans"

  54. Anna Meroni "Feeding Milano: a human platform to regain the meaning of slowness"

  55. Edial Dekker "Trusted networks and the rise of the micro-entrepreneur"

  56. Geoff Mulgan "Openness and collective intelligence, its prospects and its challenges"

  57. Alain Renk "Unlimited cities"

  58. Robin Chase "Building the cities of the future: People empowered (by technology)"

  59. Tobie Kerridge "Debating Biotechnology -- Speculative Design as Public Engagement"

  60. Frédéric Mazzella "How car-pooling can help forecast car traffic"

  61. David Marcus "New business models in mobile channels"

  62. Saskia Sassen "The Future of Smart Cities"

  63. Timo Arnall "Making things visible"

  64. Eric Favre "The story of the invention of Nespresso" (FR)

  65. Carlo Ratti "The Sensable City"

  66. Jan Chipchase "Literacy, Communication & Design"

  67. Sampo Karjaleinen "Open-ended play in Habbo Hotel"

  68. John Tackara "Design and sustainability"

  69. Vinton Cerf "From the Jurassic Era of the Internet to its Futures" (FR)

  70. Lift France 11, with Fing

  71. Sugata Mitra "How kids teach themselves"

  72. Steffen P. Walz "The lowdown on "gamification""

  73. Bruce Sterling "Shaping Things"

  74. Gunter Pauli "Changing the planet"

  75. Suren Erkman "Industrial Ecology"

  76. Steve Portigal "Discover and act on insights about people"

  77. Frédéric Kaplan "Beyond Robotics"

  78. Jean-Claude Biver "The importance of innovation and thinking different"

  79. Lift11 timelapse

  80. Don Tapscott "MacroWikinomics"

  81. Paul Barnett "MMO's, movies, las vegas, and golf"

  82. Brian Solis "Social currencies"

  83. Ida Daussy "A cultural bridge" (Lift Asia09 EN-KR)

  84. Rafi Haladjian "Internet of Things" (Lift Asia09 EN)

  85. Adrian David Cheok "Embodied Media" (Lift Asia09 EN)

  86. Hojun Song "Open Source Satellite Project" (Lift Asia09 EN)

  87. Jean-Henry Morin "DRM" (Lift Asia09 EN)

  88. Julian Bleecker "Design fiction" (Lift Asia09 EN)

  89. Chul Shin "Beyond Taekwon V Robot" (Lift Asia09 EN)

  90. Woohyun Hwang "Global Warming" (Lift09 Asia EN)

  91. Sascha Pohflepp "What if the oil..." (Lift Asia09 EN)

  92. Benjamin Joffe " You might not care..." (Lift Asia09 EN)

  93. Bernie Cho "K-Pop 2.0" (Lift Asia09 EN)

  94. Dooeun Choi "New Urbanism" (Lift Asia09 EN)

  95. Minsuk Cho "Architecture for ..." (Lift09 Asia EN)

  96. Patrick Keller "Inhabiting spatial" (Lift09 Asia EN)

  97. Sey Min "Awareness leads to changes" (Lift Asia09 EN)

  98. Kohei Nishiyama "Participatory innovation" (LIft Asia09 EN)

  99. Kim Hyung-Jin "Ncsofts approach" (Lift Asia09 EN)