1. Two new monitors from TeeJet

  2. ap_moorehead2

  3. Field X simplifies data collection

  4. HighQ field data management offer

  5. Focus on herbicide resistant waterhemp

  6. Drought could last decades according to history

  7. Use corn fungicides to target disease

  8. Cultura Technologies explained

  9. Healthy plants are key to yield in drought

  10. Insect Report

  11. Feed Your Corn Not the Weeds

  12. FG72 soybean and herbicide system announced

  13. Variable rate NH3 has its problems

  14. Is loss of beneficials a problem for 2013?

  15. Early planting doesn't mean earlier harvest

  16. Government regulations should make sense

  17. Political fund raising moratorium

  18. Gasoline demand might have peaked

  19. Surety and Surety Pro explained

  20. WineHawk started for grapes now for all ag

  21. AGCO operator award goes to Slabaugh

  22. Farmers Edge and Precision Edge services

  23. Supplemental weather-based insurance paid

  24. New easy refuge hybrids from Syngenta

  25. Congress and fertilizer security are ARA topics

  26. Consumers want to buy instead of deferring purchases

  27. Growers need a new precision confidant

  28. AgGateway growing with vision and plan

  29. China and U.S. in competition long term

  30. Markets and demand view by one economist

  31. World competition because of high grain prices

  32. Brent Bidner Named 2012 Professional Farm Manager of the Year

  33. Bayer corn traits for insect control

  34. Managing a planter for yield

  35. Bee Care Ambassadors from Bayer

  36. LibertyLink soybeans U.S. and Latin America

  37. Duracade is new trait for rootworm control

  38. Drought could continue without soil recharge

  39. Compatability of 2,4-D and glyphosate overcome

  40. Crop traits coming from Bayer CropScience

  41. Aluminum booms provide efficiency

  42. Foam markers still have a place

  43. Hand probe soil sampling still efficient

  44. Hot Shot loads it all

  45. Ag equipment painting and floor materials

  46. Fields divided in 10-meter squares

  47. Two insects of concern after drought

  48. Pursuit of 300 program from Mosaic

  49. Herbicide carryover has to be a concern

  50. Obvious Enlist soybean tolerance to 2,4-D

  51. FieldScripts described in simple terms

  52. Combining seed genetics with soils information

  53. Instigate corn herbicide up for registration

  54. Important to keep weeds down this fall

  55. Doyle emphasizes direct drive rotary blender

  56. Farmers should be financially OK

  57. Atrazine mini documentaries and re-registration

  58. Cover crop side discussion with media

  59. Dow AgroSciences rebrands with red diamond

  60. Employee retention of long safety training

  61. Concern about ammonia handling

  62. AGCO RoGator 4-wheel steer and options

  63. New Leader proven accuracy

  64. Mid-State Tank diversified and expanding

  65. Ally Precision introduces ag suite and telematics

  66. Marcus Construction at MAGIE Show 2012

  67. Stueve Construction keeping busy

  68. Dalton shows its dual tank running gear

  69. KBH fertilizer and seed handling equipment

  70. Case IH has new Series 30

  71. Waconia helping customers with efficiency

  72. Adams Fertilizer displayed wide assortment

  73. Layco declining weight blending system described

  74. Condor has more driver comfort for 2013

  75. Wide variety of tanks from Skinner

  76. Interest in Nitro's new cab and tool bar

  77. Major problems in river shipping 1

  78. Intensification of agriculture not wanted

  79. People portray technology in food negatively

  80. MyJohnDeere.com web portal launched

  81. Alerts tell when to stop application

  82. Mobile Weather technology explained

  83. Tip of the iceberg with biologicals

  84. Support for atrazine

  85. Researching insect resistance management

  86. Three areas of Novozymes' agriculture emphasis

  87. Report says Calif. GHG reduction nearly impossible

  88. Need for efficient crop update of phosphorous

  89. Humble beginnings of Greenpeace

  90. Native soybean traits still important

  91. Syngenta look to the future of ag business

  92. Explanation of why new dicamba component

  93. Variable rate nitrogen increasing

  94. Plans for Nevada cellulosic ethanol plant

  95. Simplified SU chemistry cleanout explained

  96. BASF's R&D focus including traits

  97. Systems approach promoted by BASF

  98. Success defending biotech crops in lawsuits

  99. More Pioneer soybean research farm sites