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Visibility, Control and Automation with Tivoli Endpoint Management

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Uploaded on Jul 22, 2011


Peter Param shares how IBM Tivoli Endpoint Manager software improves IT visibility for increased security and compliance.

My name is Peter Param. I'm from St. Vincent's & Mater Health Sydney. I am the IT Security Manager. I also look after the wide area network.
St. Vincent is part of a large organization. It's part of the Sisters of Charity, which has 6,500 employees collectively, in the campus, there's about 3,000 endpoints, PCs, and workstations and servers.

We're a medical research organization, a teaching hospital.

The big thing for us is confidentiality. To maintain the integrity of the data is to make sure that the data doesn't leak out through various means. Tivoli Endpoint Manager gives us some level of surety by making sure that the PC itself isn't a threat and that it's all patched up so the data can't be lost through key logging, for example.

But also gives us visibility of what's being used in the PC in terms of external peripheral devices like USB sticks, memory sticks, and stuff like that.

IBM Tivoli Endpoint Manager helped us find a whole bunch of devices that weren't in our active directory domain structure in the first place, which help us then to remediate those devices.

It pushes the antivirus software in and puts the updates to the current level, patches the PC.

That means a lot because it means there won't be any malware interruption. So that means it won't have business interruption during business hours that stops people from doing their work.

Now that we have full coverage with the Tivoli Endpoint, through the Console we have visibility and visibility we have control. Consequently we can automate. So we know at any one point how many PCs are patched to what level.

That saves us a lot of time.

The IBM Tivoli Endpoint Manager gives the continual compliance in that it allows our devices and our campus to be self-remediating. It's a continuous process.

The other thing is we're able to push out applications quite quickly. Recently we had this sterilization application. It used to take me half a day to deploy the workstations. The last rollout took me ten seconds, just by an application deployment through the Tivoli Endpoint Manager.

We're a patient care organization. Bottom line is, patient care has to be 100 percent good and effective and quick. And responding quickly to the end user's need, which is practitioners who are looking after patients.

And Tivoli Endpoint Manager helps us do that in that we provide the capability for the end users in terms of the application they use.

IBM Tivoli Endpoint Manager gave us visibility, control, and automation. It automated remediation across the board and that to us was a time saver and a cost saver.

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