1. COMSOL Hands on Workshop on MEMS Simulation

  2. Local Slow-Light Engineering: Hold your photons!

  3. An Introduction to Materials Studio

  4. Semiconductor Process Development and Integration With SEMulator3D

  5. Atomic scale modeling of nanoelectronic devices with Atomistix ToolKit

  6. Materials Modeling and Simulation for Nanotechnology

  7. Coventor Software Tools for Bringing MEMS/NEMS Concepts to Reality - Session 1

  8. Solving for Micro/Macro scale Electrostatic configurations using Robin Hood Solver

  9. The Ultimate Scaling Limit -- A Deterministic Single Atom Transistor

  10. Multiphase CFD for Droplet Based Microfluidics

  11. Debugging MEMS Process Flows with Physical Simulation.mp4

  12. COMSOL's Hands-on Workshop on Microfluidic Devices @ NNIN/C, UMich

  13. System Level Analysis and Simulation for MEMS

  14. MEMS Virtual Prototyping for Debugging Your Process Flow

  15. Anisotropic Etch Simulator for MEMS

  16. coventor session 3

  17. Coventor Software for MEMS

  18. magnetic drug delivery

  19. frogleg 2

  20. beam 2

  21. Modeling and Simulation of Electromagnetic Devices.mp4

  22. Dual Axis Micro Mechanical Probe

  23. NEMSresonator zigzag

  24. circuit analysis

  25. Building_a_3D_Circuit_in_a_Minute.mp4

  26. How Can IntelliSuite v8.7 Benefit MEMS Research and Teaching.mp4

  27. CAD Tools for Co design of Heterogeneous Systems of MEMS and Packaging.mp4

  28. Sq2.mp4