1. Behind the scenes of DETROIT '67

  2. Under The Radar 2013 Trailer

  3. PUBLIC FORUM: Salman Rushdie & Nathan Englander Fight the Big Lie

  4. PUBLIC FORUM: Liev Schreiber Reads Pussy Riot

  5. PUBLIC FORUM: Shirin Neshat & Liev Schreiber on Ai Weiwei

  6. PUBLIC FORUM: Carl Bernstein & Liev Schreiber on Eskinder Nega

  7. Behind the Scenes of THE TWENTY-SEVENTH MAN

  8. Interview with playwright Nathan Englander

  9. Behind the scenes of the New York Premiere Musical GIANT

  10. DETROIT '67 - Interview with Dominique Morisseau

  11. PUBLIC FORUM: Alec Baldwin & David Brooks on Romney vs. Reagan

  12. Behind the scenes with the cast of WILD WITH HAPPY

  13. Richard Nelson's SORRY at The Public Theater

  14. WILD WITH HAPPY at The Public Theater

  15. Oskar Eustis on the 2012-2013 Public Theater Season -- Part 3

  16. Oskar Eustis on the 2012-2013 Public Theater Season -- Part 2

  17. Oskar Eustis on the 2012-2013 Public Theater Season -- Part 1

  18. Backstage with the cast of AS YOU LIKE IT - Shakespeare in the Park 2012

  19. RICHARD III - Mobile Shakespeare Unit

  20. FEBRUARY HOUSE at The Public Theater

  21. THE GREAT GATSBY - Chapter 1

  22. THE GREAT GATSBY - Chapter 9

  23. "Three-Tear Plan" from Ethan Lipton's NO PLACE TO GO

  24. Elevator Repair Service's GATZ at The Public

  25. Festival Producer Mark Russell and Artists on Under the Radar 2012

  26. GOODBAR at Under the Radar Festival 2012

  27. Gob Squad's Kitchen

  28. Under the Radar 2012 Trailer

  29. iPublic

  30. The Public Theater presents SWEET AND SAD by Richard Nelson

  31. The Public Theater Presents KING LEAR

  32. The Men of Shakespeare in the Park 2011

  33. Shakespeare in the Park 2011: An Interview with Tonya Pinkins

  34. The 2011-2012 Public Theater Season: A Message from Oskar Eustis

  35. Artist Interviews: KNICKERBOCKER and Fatherhood

  36. Theater Community Responds to Crisis in Japan

  37. Actor Stephen Spinella on Tony Kushner's THE INTELLIGENT HOMOSEXUAL'S GUIDE...

  38. The Mobile Unit

  39. Scenes from THE INTELLIGENT HOMOSEXUAL'S GUIDE... by Tony Kushner

  40. Family and Politics in Tony Kushner's THE INTELLIGENT HOMOSEXUAL'S GUIDE...

  41. URGE FOR GOING - Artist Interviews

  42. Stephen Sondheim and Tony Kushner - Excerpts from The Public Forum

  43. Additional Footage: Tony Kushner on THE INTELLIGENT HOMOSEXUAL'S GUIDE...

  44. The NYC Theater Community Protests for Freedom in Belarus

  45. COMPULSION at The Public Theater: Actors Hannah Cabell and Matte Osian

  46. Shakespeare's Timon of Athens at The Public Theater

  47. The Artists Speak: AMERIVILLE

  48. The Artists Speak: WATT BY SAMUEL BECKETT

  49. A statement from Belarus Free Theater Co-Founder Natalia Koliada


  51. Rinne Groff and Oskar Eustis discuss COMPULSION at The Public Theater

  52. Under The Radar 2011 - Festival Trailer

  53. In the Wake Cast Interviews

  54. THE HUMAN SCALE Interviews

  55. THE GREAT GAME Interviews

  56. GATZ Interviews

  57. In the Wake Interviews

  58. Shakespeare in the Park: 4 Minutes with the Cast

  59. 2010-11 Season: A Message from Oskar Eustis

  60. Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson Interviews

  61. What's in Your Book of Grace?

  62. Book of Grace Interview Video

  63. GOING PUBLIC - Public Theater Building Renovation Project

  64. Neighbors Interview at The Public Theater

  65. The Last Cargo Cult Interviews

  66. The Brother/Sister Plays Audience Reaction

  67. The Brother/Sister Plays Interview

  68. Idiot Savant

  69. Willem Dafoe Idiot Savant Interview

  70. Idiot Savant Interviews

  71. Philip Seymour Hoffman interview

  72. Peter Sellars Part 3

  73. Peter Sellars Expanded Interview Part 2

  74. Peter Sellars Expanded Interview Part 1

  75. OTHELLO Preview Video