1. Phantom: Trio of Iguodala Dunks

  2. Chris Paul Serves It Up to Blake

  3. Blake Skies for the Block

  4. DeAndre Jordan Cleans Up

  5. Chris Paul's Fancy Dribble and Assist

  6. Chris Paul's Dazzling Layup

  7. Nightly Notable: Steve Nash Makes Suns History

  8. The Daily Zap: February 1st

  9. Top Ten Plays of the Night: February 1st

  10. Sneak Peak of The Association: Denver Nuggets, Episode 2

  11. Ricky Rubio: Alley-Oop Wizard

  12. Plays of the Week: February 2

  13. Carmelo Anthony Beats the Buzzer

  14. Josh Smith Reverse Alley-Oop

  15. Tony Allen Steal and Throwdown

  16. Amar'e's Nice Dribble Move

  17. Tony Parker to RJ

  18. Derrick Rose's Houdini Layup vs NY

  19. Blake Breaks Free for the Slam

  20. Jamaal Tinsley's No-Look Flip

  21. The Grizzlies Run the Showtime Break

  22. Nightly Notable: Derrick Rose's Garden Party

  23. The Daily Zap: February 2

  24. Top Ten Plays of the Night: February 2nd

  25. 2012 Western Conference All Star Starters

  26. 2012 Eastern Conference All Star Starters

  27. Amir Johnson Throws Down

  28. Jose Calderon to Amir Johnson

  29. Andre Iguodala Thunders It Home vs Miami

  30. Dwight's Big Stuff

  31. Dwight's Two-Handed Rejection

  32. Deron Williams Drops the Dime Between His Legs

  33. Jason Richardson's Alley-Oop Reverse

  34. Ricky Rubio to Wesley Johnson

  35. Serge Ibaka Finishes in the Paint

  36. Top Ten Dunks of the Month: January 2012

  37. Phantom: Derrick Williams Dunk vs Nets

  38. Phantom: Ricky Rubio's Alley-Oop to Wes Johnson

  39. Top Ten Assists of the Month: January 2012

  40. Paul George Makes the Big Rejection

  41. Top Ten Blocks of the Month: January 2012

  42. Top Ten Steals of the Month: January 2012

  43. LeBron's Over-the-Head Outlet Pass

  44. The Daily Zap: February 3rd

  45. Top Ten Plays of the Month: January 2012

  46. Dunk of the Night

  47. Top Ten Plays of the Night: February 3rd

  48. Nightly Notable: Kevin Durant Fuels the Win

  49. Williams and Jordan connect for mid-air alley oop!

  50. John Wall hangs and scoops it past D. Jordan!

  51. Tyson Chandler finishes the alley oop with the headbutt!

  52. Griffin finishes the no-look alley oop!

  53. Tony Parker becomes Alamo Assist King!

  54. Jeremy Lin has career night at MSG!

  55. Humphries denies Melo at the rim!

  56. Dunk of the Night: Gibson's monster slam!

  57. Top 10 Plays of the Night: February 4th

  58. Daily Zap: February 4th

  59. Rondo Drive and Dish

  60. James Johnson Attacks the Rack

  61. James Johnson Cleans the Glass

  62. Ed Davis' Big Follow

  63. DeMar DeRozan Blows by the Heat

  64. Chris Bosh Drives and Dunks

  65. LeBron Steals and Slams

  66. Nightly Notable: LeBron Brings the Heat

  67. The Daily Zap: February 5th

  68. Top 5 Plays of the Night: February 5th

  69. Kobe passes Shaq for fifth all-time!

  70. Dwight Howard's two-handed baseline slam!

  71. Kobe's gorgeous baseline score

  72. Iguodala's no-look circus shot off glass!

  73. Happy Birthday Kris Humphries!

  74. Aldridge's Clutch Block on Durant

  75. Jeremy Lin electrifies the New York crowd!

  76. Russell Westbrook saves the day!

  77. Booker's monster slam is dunk of the night!

  78. Kobe Bryant: An NBA scoring legend

  79. Top 10 Plays of the Night: February 6th

  80. Daily Zap: February 6th

  81. Phantom: Kobe Makes History in Philly

  82. Phantom: Rose Puts on a Show in MSG

  83. Wesley Johnson's "right place, right time" alley oop!

  84. Pierce passes Larry Legend

  85. Rubio & Pekovic dazzle on the fastbreak!

  86. Nash hits birthday game winner!

  87. Monta's 360 and 1 in traffic!

  88. Curry fakes left and fires the right handed dime!

  89. Nightly Notable: Monta drops career-high 48!

  90. Daily Zap: February 7th

  91. Top 10 Plays of the Night: February 7th

  92. Lin's Long Trip

  93. Zaza Pachulia's Fancy Feed

  94. Mike Conley Sets Up Rudy Gay

  95. DeMar DeRozan Slams In Transition

  96. John Wall Gets the Circus Shot to Fall

  97. James Johnson Takes it in Strong

  98. Jeremy Lin Throws Down

  99. Rudy Gay Finishes the Break