1. Phallus Dei feat. Clara Engel- The Same

  2. The Ragged Jubilee- Just A Little Blood

  3. Krister Linder- Nothing Ever

  4. Bluba Lu & Roni- Beyond

  5. Katharina Nuttall- Trailerlove

  6. Barry Adamson feat. Nick Cave- The Sweetest Embrace

  7. Sarah Fimm - Fragile

  8. Mike Johnson- Fade Away

  9. Kat Frankie- Boy Wolf

  10. Lindsay Fuller- Of A Town Full Of Dust

  11. Man Made Lake- She Wouldn't Dance

  12. Carol Anne McGowan- Of Love

  13. Howth- I Will Always Love You

  14. Puracane- Riddle Me This

  15. Harland- In The Dark 3/4

  16. Watch The Men Fall- Taxi

  17. Canidas- Last Exit

  18. Thorn Apple- Bare

  19. Inga Liljestrom- Wild Is The Wind

  20. Perry Blake- The Hunchback Of San Francisco

  21. Tara King Th.- Once Upon A Dream

  22. Nina June- Wicked Game

  23. Recoil -Want (Remastered 2010)

  24. Mirrorman feat. Idden- The King And Queen

  25. Snow & Voices- Disintegration (The Cure Cover)

  26. Kin Skitser- Charlotte Sometimes (Tribute To The Cure)

  27. Ane Brun- The Fall (Sketches Version)

  28. That Summer- Ghost Tracks

  29. She Wants Revenge- Little Stars

  30. Cadatta feat. Din Qc- Flipser

  31. Boduf Songs- Absolutely Null And Utterly Void

  32. Port Royal- Flares part III (Televise Remix)

  33. Gareth Dickson- If I

  34. Pill-Oh - Melodico

  35. elDot- Λιμανι/Harbour (miktek remix)

  36. Coldreavers- Heart

  37. Blank & Jones- Fallen (Delerium and Rani)

  38. Sven Weisemann- Xine XVIII Love In Vein

  39. Desolate- Heroic Death

  40. The Reborn Identity- Friday Night in A&E

  41. Greie Gut Fraktion (Antye Greie/AGF and Gudrun Gut) - We Matter (Natalie Beridze TBA Remix)

  42. Birds Of Passage- To Wander Slow With Me

  43. Jill Tracy- Under The Fate Of The Blue Moon

  44. Nev.Era Feat LaMeduza- Flickering Light

  45. Kim Wayman- 4 Words

  46. Moist- I Am (Moistified)

  47. Josh Furey- Covered In Dust

  48. Ariana Saraha feat. Meagan Chandler- Shadowdances

  49. The Dresden Dolls- Will

  50. Evi Vine- Shame

  51. Heidi Elva- The Saviour (Radio Mix)

  52. A Casual End Mile- Dream With Me

  53. Yoriko Ichinomiya- After The Rain

  54. Yoriko Ichinomiya- All Alone

  55. Neutral- The Starfall Of Nevermore

  56. Cuushe- Simple Complication

  57. Gkoulis aka George Koulis- The Ability To Choose

  58. Lumiere Brother- My Toys Are Lost

  59. Wibutee feat. Anja Garbarek - The Ball

  60. Azam Ali- Love Song (The Cure Cover)

  61. Porcelaintoy- Lonely Fighter

  62. Rosa Lux - Monsters (Feat. Randi Laubek)

  63. Sarah Nixey - Frost At Midnight

  64. The Twilight Singers- Don't Call

  65. Malinova- Calling You

  66. Mule Driver- Letter To Myself

  67. The Breakfast Club- Eyes Without A Face (Billy Idol Cover)

  68. Amber- Without You

  69. Frédéric D. Oberland feat. Gaspar Claus & Jayne Amara Ross- The End

  70. iET- The Field

  71. Paul & Prince feat. Angela McCluskey - Believing

  72. Marina Skiadaresi- Simple As This (Sketch For A Wedding)

  73. Dead Slow- Sleep

  74. Fagget Fairys - Black Hole (Holtoug Remix)

  75. Radiohead - Codex (Mojib Remix)

  76. Uphill Racer feat. Shara Worden- Overfrail

  77. Faultline feat. Chris Martin - Where Is My Boy

  78. Colatron- Snowdust

  79. Cracks In The Concrete- Ballad Of Ashley Marie

  80. Louise McVey & Cracks In The Concrete - Maud

  81. Cem Adrian feat. Fazil Say- Summertime (Live)

  82. Hypnelia- My Man's Waltz

  83. Minister Zed ft. Maryann & Stinky - If The Stars Were Mine

  84. Dilemma- Someday

  85. Daniel Knox - Ghostsong

  86. Laura Sheeran- To Carry My Bones

  87. Amycanbe- Rose Is A Rose (Peace Mix)

  88. Marian- Pictures

  89. Artette- Day One

  90. ...♥...

  91. Ghosts of Paraguay - Needing You (Ghostek Remix)

  92. Automatic Writing- Control

  93. PNDC & Housework- Go Quiet

  94. [Deleted Video]

  95. My Chemical Romance - "Welcome to the Black Parade"

  96. rebekah & derek | love the way you lie