1. Winning

  2. If Buerkle Wins, What Do We Stand To Lose?

  3. Leaders Lead

  4. Tammy Baldwin: Always For Us

  5. TX-23: "Build"

  6. TX-23: "Play By the Rules" (English)

  7. TX-23: "Play By the Rules" (Spanish)

  8. Romney Opposes Wind Energy Tax Credit

  9. George Allen: Winners & Losers

  10. Tammy Baldwin: Moving Wisconsin Forward

  11. Jeff Flake: Two Jobs

  12. Benishek: "I'm not sure how significant global warming is"

  13. Robert Redford: Remarks at LCV 2012 New York Dinner

  14. "Reality" Fact-Checks Allen West

  15. The Comedy Stylings of Mitt Romney

  16. Maine Senate: "Imagine"

  17. Congresswoman Buerkle: Wrong for New York

  18. We Can't Risk Jeff Flake in the U.S. Senate

  19. Congressman Canseco: What's Wrong with Washington (2)

  20. Defeat the Flat Earth Five

  21. Romney Opposes Wind Energy Tax Credit

  22. Congressman Canseco: What's Wrong with Washington

  23. Romney & Obama: A Sharp Contrast on Climate

  24. "Test It, Maybe" - LCV Parody of "Call Me, Maybe" by Carly Rae Jepsen

  25. President Obama: Climate change is not a hoax

  26. Paul Ryan: Do As I Say, Not As I Do

  27. George Allen: What's wrong with Washington

  28. Tell Senator Heller: Vote to End Tax Breaks for Big Oil Companies (#2)

  29. Tell Senator Heller: Vote to End Tax Breaks for Big Oil Companies (#1)

  30. LCV's Navin Nayak talks 'Flat Earth Five' on Hardball

  31. Emma

  32. We're All Paying For It

  33. Who's Wilson With?

  34. Ciro Rodriguez: Broken Promises

  35. Mitt Romney: Big Oil's $200 Million Man

  36. Why is Big Oil trying to defeat President Obama?

  37. Say 'No' to Tim Holden

  38. Support the EPA's Clean Air Standards

  39. Sherrod Brown: Fighting to Bring Manufacturing Jobs Home to Ohio

  40. Sherrod Brown: Voting to Build Ohio's Clean Energy Industry

  41. LCV 2011 National Environmental Scorecard

  42. George Allen Named to LCV's 'Dirty Dozen'

  43. Tell Congressman Costa: Stop Voting with the Big Polluters

  44. Tell Congressman Benishek: End Big Oil Subsidies

  45. Congressman Costa - 'Costs Ya'

  46. Tell Rep. Altmire: Stop Voting Against Kids' Health

  47. Tell Senator Paul: Stop Protecting Out-Of-State Polluters

  48. Congressman Benishek: 'Fair Share'

  49. Scott Brown: Gone Washington

  50. Rick Perry: EPA is "cemetery for jobs"

  51. Rick Perry: Anti-Science

  52. Paul Ryan: Protecting Big Oil Profits

  53. Rep. Upton is leading the charge to block vital clean air safeguards

  54. Radio: "I'm not voting for Robert Hurt" (VA-05)

  55. Mark Kirk Flip-Flops on Clean Energy Climate Policies (IL-Sen)

  56. Ken Buck: Not One Of Us (CO-Sen)

  57. Robert Hurt's Shocking Conflict of Interest (VA-05)

  58. Debate Clip: Perriello Talks New Energy Economy (VA-05)

  59. Radio: "Conflict" (VA-05)

  60. Ken Buck's Facebook Page (CO-Sen)

  61. Blame Sunspots (WI-Sen)

  62. Heath Shuler: For Clean Energy Jobs, For Us (NC-11)

  63. Say No to Jim Renacci (OH-16)

  64. Radio: "Big Thinker" (MI-07)

  65. Joe Heck Said 'No' to Clean Energy Jobs (NV-03)

  66. Ken Buck - Water Grab (CO-Sen)

  67. Robert Hurt's Shocking Conflict of Interest (VA-05)

  68. Defeat Ron "Sunspots" Johnson (WI-Sen)

  69. Toomey Supports Risky Oil Drilling in Lake Erie (PA-Sen)

  70. Roy Blunt: Right for Big Oil, Wrong for Missouri (MO-Sen)

  71. Sen. John Kerry Addresses LCV Dinner (Part 2 of 2)

  72. Sen. John Kerry Addresses LCV Dinner (Part 1 of 2)

  73. Rahm Emanuel on Comprehensive Energy Legislation

  74. Senator LeMieux: Support A Clean Energy Future

  75. Big Oil Bailout Radio - ND

  76. Big Oil Bailout Radio - MO

  77. Big Oil Bailout Radio - AR

  78. Big Oil Bailout Radio Ad IN

  79. Big Oil Blanche (AR-Sen)

  80. Clean Energy: Let's Get It Started!

  81. Countdown to Earth Day

  82. President Obama discusses climate science and clean energy

  83. Don't Give Up On Comprehensive Clean Energy & Climate Bill

  84. SOTU: President Obama on Comprehensive Clean Energy & Climate Legislation

  85. Supreme Court Opens Floodgates for Corporate Expenditures

  86. LCV TV Ad: "Energy Jobs"

  87. A New Reason to Hope-Restoring the Chesapeake Bay

  88. President Obama talks about progress at Copenhagen

  89. Chesapeake Restoration Bil

  90. Chesapeake Restoration Bill

  91. President Obama talks climate change, deforestation in Oslo

  92. LCV President meets with President Obama

  93. President Obama talks clean energy jobs (Part 2)

  94. President Obama talks clean energy jobs (Part 1)

  95. Chesapeake Restoration Bill

  96. Newt Gingrich in 2007: "evidence is sufficient"

  97. NRDC president Frances Beineke's book launch

  98. EPA's Lisa Jackson on clean energy

  99. Rep. Tom Perriello talks clean energy