1. Shocking video: Arsonist starts fire on bus with 80 people on board

  2. Shocking CCTV: Police officer pushes over man in wheelchair

  3. Britain's worst driver? Dangerous driver banned after being caught on camera

  4. Shocking CCTV: Robber punches pregnant woman in the face

  5. Bank robbery fail: Man catches bank robber after spotting fake gun

  6. Gang armed with anglegrinders and pickaxes raid ticket machines at train stations

  7. Man slammed into roof after out of control lift rushes up 30 floors in 15 secs

  8. Dramatic CCTV: Thieves snatch 80-year-old's handbag

  9. Road Rage Britain: Documentary captures anger on the streets of the UK

  10. Drive-by shooting on Newcastle casino captured on CCTV

  11. Dramatic: Man jumps onto railway track to save woman from oncoming train

  12. Drunk man stops train on the tracks in South Yorkshire

  13. CCTV: Teenager finds out he's a murderer, on the phone!

  14. Dramatic CCTV: Student passes out as 'hugger mugger' grabs £5,000 watch

  15. Shocking CCTV: Police officer filmed firing Taser at naked man

  16. Dramatic CCTV of China car crash: Freight truck pushes car forward 500 metres

  17. Miracle Rescue: Driver crushed by steel bars in crash and survives!

  18. Incredible: Pensioner hit by train on level crossing and walks away uninjured

  19. Man urinates in reservoir: City drains 38 million gallons of water

  20. Man tries to snatch woman's necklace as she's interviewed on TV

  21. Horrific moment woman in dressing gown is punched as she tackles burglars

  22. Drunk thug attacks and robs disabled man on mobility scooter

  23. 80-year-old cheats death in pharmacy car crash in Winter Haven, Florida

  24. Shocking CCTV: Car slips off ramp and crushed by ferry

  25. CCTV footage shows a man attacking a transport police officer in Philadelphia

  26. Robber uses handwritten note to steal cash

  27. Deer crash through doors at school in Maryland

  28. Policeman punches woman in the face three times

  29. Car crashes through computer shop during ram-raid robbery

  30. CCTV: Woman narrowly avoids being hit by high-speed train in Netherlands

  31. CCTV: The moment sinkhole swallows eight rare Corvettes at US car museum

  32. Arsonist accidentally sets fire to self during failed attack

  33. Shocking CCTV of 'barbaric' attack on bus passenger

  34. Gunmen robbing patients at Rio de Janeiro hospital caught on CCTV

  35. Police release footage of armed robbery in Ramsbottom, Greater Manchester

  36. Brazil: Shocking footage of grandmother and five-year-old child being run over and surviving

  37. Violent CCTV footage: Man knocked unconscious and kicked in head on Birmingham street

  38. Footage of aircraft crash in Iceland

  39. Meteor sighting: Huge 'fireball' streaks across sky in Iowa

  40. Bus robbery fail: Passengers pin armed robber to the ground

  41. Man tries to swap alligator for beer in Florida shop

  42. Australia: CCTV shows Brazilian student repeatedly tasered by police in Sydney

  43. CCTV of grenade and suicide bomb attack in Yemen

  44. CCTV captures the moment Paul Walker's car burst into flames after LA crash

  45. Woman on electric bike run over by car in China horror crash

  46. Parking fail: Driver smashes into cars after unintentionally accelerating

  47. Dramatic CCTV: Giant ice block hits car in China

  48. Shocking CCTV of Paris shootings: Gunman arrested and named

  49. NEW FOOTAGE: Russian plane explodes in ball of fire

  50. Dramatic CCTV: Chinese motorcyclist set on fire after lorry crash

  51. CCTV shows truck hitting tunnel roof in Sydney

  52. Woman 'sells her baby for £300' in Istanbul airport in Turkey

  53. CCTV of driver's shocking hit-and-run revenge attack in Manchester

  54. Shocking CCTV footage shows vehicles crashing into roadworks

  55. Robbery Fail: Robber jailed after threatening bookies staff with garden shears

  56. Swerving truck in China narrowly avoids disaster

  57. Shocking CCTV: Mugger repeatedly punches girl in broad daylight

  58. CCTV of anti-terror arrest on west London street

  59. Shocking CCTV: Drivers caught brushing teeth on motorway

  60. CCTV captures masked men setting fire to Maldives TV station

  61. Brave store clerk uses machete to fight off armed robber in New York

  62. Shocking CCTV: Cyclist narrowly avoids being hit by train at level crossing

  63. Terrifying CCTV: Commuters narrowly avoid getting hit by trains in National Rail campaign

  64. Gunmen storm Colombian hospital in daring prisoner rescue

  65. Dramatic CCTV: Commuter narrowly escapes being hit by express train in Australia

  66. Boston bike rack fixed by group on night out

  67. CCTV: Burger van bursts into flames in suspected gas leak

  68. CCTV: Shocking moment train hits trolley that was deliberately pushed on tracks

  69. CCTV: Shocking video of train drivers sleeping

  70. Car engulfed by minute-long landslide in China

  71. A bear walks into a bar in Colorado... Seriously!

  72. The moment of impact: Terrifying CCTV of Spain train crash near Santiago de Compostela

  73. Dramatic CCTV: Man takes revenge on slot machines with pick axe after losing 5,000 euros

  74. CCTV of Moscow shooting: Jilted man kills six colleagues in gun rampage

  75. Postal workers in China catch toddler in 5-storey fall

  76. Father rams son's car, then chases him on foot in China

  77. Taco Bell crash: The moment a mini-van smashes into an Ohio restaurant narrowly missing customers

  78. Taiwan earthquake: Moment quake strikes caught on CCTV

  79. CCTV of thief hit by bus after robbing woman in Colombia

  80. Dramatic footage: Trainee nurse saves man from train track in Australia

  81. Dramatic CCTV: Baby in stroller falling onto train tracks in Philadelphia caught on camera

  82. CCTV shows speed of theft outside a London restaurant

  83. CCTV: Deer smashes through bus windscreen

  84. Shopkeeper fights off armed robber with wooden stool in London

  85. Dramatic CCTV rescue: Police officer stops man jumping under speeding train

  86. Amazing CCTV: Bag thief smashes through glass door during escape

  87. Dramatic video: Man swallowed by sinkhole in China

  88. Dramatic crash: Trucks runs over woman on scooter

  89. Bus crash: Amazing video of lamp post smashing through windscreen

  90. CCTV: Gang 'steam' London mobile phone shops

  91. CCTV: Builder saves toddler's life in Australian supermarket after she stopped breathing

  92. Philadelphia shooting caught on CCTV: Gunman seen firing shots into shop as victims hold door

  93. SHOCKING CCTV: Man wields large knife at petrol station

  94. CCTV shows tube worker jumping from runaway train in London

  95. DRAMATIC CCTV FOOTAGE: Police release video of hit and run

  96. CCTV of hit and run: Woman and toddler hit by car in Coventry- both survive

  97. AMAZING VIDEO: Motorcyclist narrowly escapes death as truck overturns in China

  98. Man caught on CCTV defecating in children's playground in London's Shepherd's Bush

  99. Dramatic footage: Woman faints and falls on Madrid's Metro rail track

  100. Sweden: Violent gunfight erupts between police and robbers caught on amateur video

  101. MCDONALD'S SHOOTING: Shocking scenes as man is gunned down in Brooklyn

  102. ROBBER TAKEN OUT: Martial arts experts interrupt robbery in Los Angeles

  103. Bus driver hit by flying piece of metal in China

  104. Man dodges a train at a level-crossing in Essex

  105. CCTV of the moment Thusha Kamaleswaran, 5, is shot in London

  106. Woman throws cat into wheelie bin

  107. Amazing video of baby surviving being hit by train

  108. Shocking police brutality caught on CCTV

  109. CCTV of man slammed against moving train at a Shropshire station

  110. Most blatant theft ever? Thief puts whole jewellery tray in her skirt

  111. Lucky escape for woman in Brazil car crash

  112. Romanian gang attempt truck robbery from bonnet of moving car

  113. SHOCKING CCTV: No one helps as Chinese toddler hit by two vans

  114. CCTV released of drunk woman falling under train

  115. Smiling female carries out knife robbery in Australia

  116. Woman steals beer under her skirt

  117. Warning: CCTV of footballer Joey Barton in violent attack

  118. SHOCKING CCTV: Brave shopkeeper takes on gunman

  119. Child rescued from under a car in China

  120. CCTV captures thief shooting his own foot during robbery

  121. PIZZA ATTACK: Shocking CCTV footage from Hackney

  122. CCTV: Woman pushed onto Tube tracks at Leicester Square station, London

  123. HOTEL COLLAPSES: Deadly Turkey quake caught on CCTV

  124. Steven Gerrard trial: CCTV pictures released

  125. Unprovoked attack in Plaistow: Victim speaks out

  126. Dangerous game of 'car surfing' captured on CCTV

  127. CCTV of woman smashing her car into Manchester bowling alley after being dumped

  128. WINE TIDAL WAVE: 7,000 bottles smash

  129. Armed robbery at McDonald's in north London captured on CCTV

  130. Child abuse in China: Shocking CCTV of nursery school attack

  131. Train crashes into bus in Argentina

  132. Shocking video! Dog causes highway pile-up in China

  133. Have-a-go hero hits gunman with chair in shop

  134. CCTV shows failed Ducati motorcycle robbery in Croydon

  135. Lucky escape: Woman uninjured after truck crushes scooter in China

  136. Woman rolls down escalator in motorised wheelchair

  137. CCTV captures London bus passenger's violent wing mirror attack

  138. Car drives off with policeman on bonnet in China

  139. Pensioner shoots at armed robbers in Florida

  140. KITTEN THEFT: MP's wife Christine Hemming caught on CCTV stealing husband's lover's cat

  141. Shocking New York mosque arson attack caught on camera

  142. Shopkeeper fights off 'machete-wielding' robber with a mop

  143. Handcuffed police suspect steals squad car in Texas

  144. Deer smashes through store front door in New Jersey

  145. Drink driving: Incredible footage of crash in New Jersey

  146. Shocking CCTV: Video appears to show brutal NYPD attack

  147. Spectacular car crash caught on camera in Boston

  148. Apple store iPhone and iPad burglary surveillance footage released in US

  149. CCTV footage: Moment earthquake hits Australia's Victoria

  150. Dramatic CCTV footage of hit and run in Buffalo, NY

  151. CRIME FAIL: Gumby tries to rob shop in San Diego

  152. CCTV: Embarrassing accidents in train stations released by Network Rail

  153. CCTV: Man strangled with a scarf in unprovoked bus attack