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Uploaded on Aug 18, 2009

Selena-So where are
we going exactly?

He continued to look at me

Selena-what did I over do it
with the "Formal!"?
Nick-um no, not at all
you look, wow!

I smiled at him

Selena-I'm taking that
was a compliment?
Nick-it sure was
Selena-you look alright
I guess...

He smiled at me this time

Selena-so are you going
to tell me where we are
going now?
Nick-You'll see

He grabbed my hand once again making
me feel like I could fly, "Selena he has a
girlfriend!" I kept reminding myself we arrived
at this beautiful park that had lights all over
the trees and I'm guessing a wedding reception
was going on

Selena-you brought
me to a wedding!?
Nick-my first outdoor
concert actually
Selena-umm okay
Nick-well technically it
is a wedding but I'm going
to be the wedding singer

This tall curly hair guy who from the looks
of it I assume he's the groom he walked over
to us and Nick gave him a hug I'm guessing
their pretty close

Nick-Kevin this is
my friend Selena and
Selena this is my brother
Selena-oh hi nice to meet
Kevin-you too, so your his
friend huh?

I said confused a bit, because Kevin was
giving Nick a look, you know one of those
"what are you doing?" looks! Nick grabbed
my hand before Kevin said anything else and
told me to sit down on a table that was closest
to the stage

Nick-pay close attention
to the lyrics okay

He smiled at me, grabbed the guitar that was
on the stage and he began doing what he knows
best play his guitar and sing his eyes on me and
when the lyrics started coming out of his mouth I
listen closely like he said

"I can't get your smile out of my mind
(I can't get you out of my mind)
I think about your eyes all the time
You're beautiful but you don't even try
(You don't even, don't even try)
Modesty is just so hard to find

Now I'm speechless
Over the edge, I'm just breathless
I never thought that I'd catch this
love bug again Hopeless, head over
heels in the moment I never thought
that I'd get hit by this love bug again"

The song was beautiful the lyrics are beautiful
but why did he want me to pay such close attention,
he finished and walked of the stage and made his way
over to me

Nick-what did you
Selena-it was beautiful,
did you write that?
Nick-yea I just finished
writing it yesterday
Selena-amazing and the
lyrics are amazing as well
such a cute love song

I smiled at him and he smiled at me

Nick-wanna dance?
Selena-umm alright

We walked to the dance floor, Nick placed his
hands on my waist and I wrapped my arms around
his neck and we began moving to the rhythm of the
slow song

Nick-you know Selena
I've never met no one
like you
Selena-what do you
Nick-you seem like a
girl that a lot of bad
things can happen to
but you just work through
it not letting it stop you
Selena-you figured all that
out in just two days of knowing
Nick-well I guess I have
my ways

I rolled my eyes as he smiled but then my
hopes that I had let get high again came
crashing down when Demi appeared


We stopped dancing and she came over to
us and wrapped her arms around Nick and he
didn't pull away, of course he didn't she's his
girlfriend and I'm just the friend! but why does
he give me such mixed signals

Nick-um Demi you
know Selena?
Demi-oh yea Hi

She smiled at me then turned to Nick

Demi-I've missed you
Nick-I've missed you

She leaned in and gave him a kiss, while I'm
standing there like a complete idiot, Ash was
right what did I get myself into!

Selena-umm I think I'm
ganna go
Selena-I just....

before I had a chance to answer another guy
walked up to us


He hugged Nick, so he has another brother

Nick-Hey Joe I didn't
know you were coming
Joe-well I can't miss Kev's
Demi-Hi Joe
Joe-Hey Demi

He then looked over at me, that's when I really
got a chance to look at his face I guess good looks
runs in their family

Joe-and who's this?
Selena-I'm Selena
Joe-a pretty name for
a pretty girl

He said smiling at me

Nick-Umm Selena
I thought you were
Joe-your leaving?
Selena-In a little while
Joe-that's good to hear

He said with a flirty smile

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