1. Solidarity Singalong event where permit test shows Capitol Police odd policiesAugust 12, 2013

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  8. Scott Walker is John Doe-WalkerGate Investigation Smoking Gun

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  10. Mitt Romney would destroy disaster relief programs (Hurricane Sandy)

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  15. Jan Brewer hopes Obama wins

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  18. Paul Ryan Exposed - The Republicans Want To Hide His Record

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  21. Governor O'Malley (CT) gives honest assessment on how Walker won Recall

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  24. June 1- We Are Wisconsin "Get Out The Vote" Rally (more excerpts)

  25. June 1- We Are Wisconsin Get Out The Vote Rally - some excerpts

  26. Bill Clinton visits Milwaukee to campaign for Tom Barrett - June 1, 2012

  27. Bill Clinton visits Milwaukee to campaign for Tom Barrett - June 1, 2012

  28. May 30-Tom Barrett Rally with Russ Feingold and Chris Taylor at Majestic Theater, Madison (video)

  29. Recall Walker-Hiring Texan Extremist "Doctor Dough" James Kroll calls Wisconsin hunters "socialists"

  30. May 26-Early Vote Rally in Madison with State Senators Mark Miller, Fred Risser and Jon Erpenbach

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  40. Many Reasons to Recall Walker and Kleefisch - Austerity Fails

  41. Scott Walker blames others for his failures as governor

  42. Scott Walker blames others for his failures as governor

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  44. Recall Walker: Based on his own words

  45. Scott Walker is trying to turn Wisconsin into Wisconsippi

  46. Scott Walker: "I'll be judged by my job creation record"

  47. AFP Rally in Madison with protestors-April 12, 2012

  48. Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Forum/Madison - April 11, 2012

  49. Women Watch, Women Rally, Women Vote: Mad as Hell Rally in Madison-March 13

  50. WTDY's Sly introduces Phil Neuenfeldt /State Sen. Jen Shilling at the Reclaim Wisconsin March

  51. Liam Gerner plays "Madison" at Reclaim Wisconsin March/Rally in Madison - March 10, 2012

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  53. Scott Walker lies about negotiating on collective bargaining

  54. Guess where Andrew Breitbart is now

  55. Andrew Breitbart - 1969-2012 - Rest In Peace

  56. Walker's Sudden Care for Seniors and Children Facing Recall

  57. One Year Later-Valentine's Day rally in Rotunda, Madison WI

  58. One-Year Anniversary "Wisconsin Day!" rally to Kick-off a Week of Action (Part Three)

  59. One-Year Anniversary "Wisconsin Day!" rally to Kick-off a Week of Action (Part Two)

  60. One-Year Anniversary "Wisconsin Day!" rally to Kick-off a Week of Action (Part One)

  61. Proof that Scott Walker is lying (John Doe investigation)

  62. Rep. Peter Barca reacts to Walker's State of The State address-Jan. 25 2012

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  64. Recall Day Rally at Monona Terrace, Madison-Jan. 17, 2012

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  66. Scott Walker admits ending collective bargaining doesn't save any money for the state budget

  67. Solidarity Sing-Along in Madison: Solidarity Forever

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  69. Scott Walker says why he should be recalled

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  74. Working Backward not Together

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  78. Occupy Wall Street Livestream footage 092411

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  83. Cornel West gives prodigious speech at Fighting Bob Fest 2011

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  86. worldnow video

  87. Kim Simac is not hot. She's nuts.

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  94. Olsen

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  96. June 14, 2011-People vs Walker Rally at Madison Capitol

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  98. Memorial Day-Veterans For Peace Memorial Mile in Madison WI

  99. Cavuto interviews Walker regarding Judge Sumi's judgement on Act 10/Open Meetings Law