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  1. Do You Know Jesus? written by Jesus Krishna

  2. Cat Woman and Mr. Broccoli (from the Mind of the Messiah)

  3. Jesus & Little Girls from the perspective of Jesus Krishna

  4. Jesus Krishna presents You and Me - God Shot for Christians

  5. O' Jenny, Can You Tell Me? from Jesus Krishna - looks like Sarah Palin

  6. Riddle Me by Jesus Krishna - A Messianic Poetry Reading

  7. Messiah Jokes written by Jesus Krishna

  8. Jesus - The Interview by Jesus Krishna

  9. Minnie Driver's Pilates Lesson with Leora

  10. La película de Benjamin quien es Jesús

  11. Please Support the Troops by Jesus Krishna

  12. Moral Leader vs. Chinese Astrologers (We Prefer Buddha) from Jesus Krishna

  13. The Third Interview with Jesus - brought to you by Jesus Krishna

  14. Christina Aguilera Fell A Long Time Ago by Jesus Krishna

  15. In The Sauna With Jesus presented by Jesus Krishna

  16. The Interview with Jesus - Fourth Installment presented by You Know Who

  17. The Daw Fifth Interview Was Released Almost On Time - from Jesus Krishna

  18. Jesus! Get Out Of The Sauna! by Jesus Krishna

  19. Still in the Sauna with Jesus - from Jesus Krishna

  20. Jesus Will Not Leave The Sauna from Jesus Krishna

  21. Why is Jesus Still in the Sauna? presented by Jesus Krishna

  22. Stand Up Robot Jesus Jokes - from the Messiah

  23. Bienvenidos al mundo de Jesús muy triste

  24. Get To Know Me