1. Lisa Wozniak Interviews Grand Rapids Mayor George Heartwell

  2. Michigan LCV: State of the State Response

  3. Great Michigan interview with Sen. Warren and Jack Schmitt

  4. Great Michigan interview with Rep. Bill LaVoy and Jack Schmitt

  5. Great Michigan Interview with Sen. Hopgood and Jack Schmitt

  6. West Michigan LCV Director Patty Birkholz at the Grand Rapids Energy Forum

  7. Michigan LCV 2012 Election Overview

  8. Clock

  9. Greetings

  10. Progress

  11. The Air Out Here

  12. Grand Rapids Mayor George Heartwell at 25 by 25 Kickoff

  13. Sen Meekof Tells Environmental Community to Shut Up

  14. Three Trees

  15. Field Director.mov

  16. About Us: Michigan League of Conservation Voters

  17. Michigan LCV at Great Lakes Days

  18. Michigan Reacts to the 2011 LCV Scorecard

  19. President Obama, Ann Arbor, MI

  20. VIDEO0006.mp4

  21. Michigan LCV at EPA Fuel Efficiency Hearing - Ginger Wojciechowski

  22. Land Cap Town Hall (Clip 1)

  23. Land Cap Town Hall (Clip 2)

  24. Land Cap Town Hall (Clip 3)

  25. Land Cap Town Hall (Clip 4)

  26. Land Cap Town Hall (Clip 5)

  27. Land Cap Trust Fund (Clip 6)

  28. Land Cap Town Hall (Clip 7)

  29. Land Cap Trust Fund (Clip 8)

  30. Ann Arbor Activists Protest Eric Cantor

  31. Mark Schauer, Michigan LCV Speech, 9/22/11

  32. Losing Ground Expert Panel Highlights

  33. Saugatuck Resident Speaks Up for the Dunes

  34. State Rep. Dillon Speaks at Built by Michigan Launch in Gra

  35. Public Outcry Postpones Saugatuck Dunes Meeting

  36. "Risk" - Rep. Walberg Plays Politics With Mercury and Kids' Health

  37. "Risk" - Rep. Upton Plays Politics With Mercury and Kids' Health

  38. Bernero reaction to Kalamazoo River oil spill

  39. Michigan LCV interviews Ryan Hersha at Kalamazoo River oil

  40. Oil flowing through the Kalamazoo River

  41. Michigan LCV visits Kalamazoo Oil Spill

  42. Asian Carp Public Meeting: Ypsilanti, Michigan - February 17, 2010