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    How To Make It In Hollywood by Tony Zierra

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    Even Without A Distributor You Have Access To The Audience by Tony Zierra

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    Find Your Way To Your Goals by Malcolm Goodwin & L. Philippe Casseus

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    Being In A Rock Band Is Like Family by Rebekah Starr

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    Why Do You Want To Go To Hollywood? by Tony Zierra

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    The Perfect Medium To Tell Stories That Matter by Diane Namm

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    Letting Go of Angst - John Keating: An Actor's Portrait

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    Always Do Everything You Can To The Best Of Your Abilities by John Paul Rice

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    What Happens When You Don't Conform To Others Expectations by Rebekah Starr

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    Owning 100 Items Or Less by Merete Mueller & Christopher Smith

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    Filmmakers Drive Indie Film, Not The Platforms The Films Are On by Kevin Fox

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    Loneliness, Rejection, Competition & Failure by Tony Zierra

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    The Turning Point In My Life by Rebekah Starr

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    The Worst Acting Advice We Have Ever Received by Etta Devine and Gabriel Diani

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    The 1st GOODBYE PROMISE Blooper

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    Sell Your Movie Without The Middle Man with Jason Brubaker

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    First Time I've Ever Seen A Crowdfunding Campaign That Can't Fail by James Cooper

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    Why Would Someone Sabotage Their Own Hollywood Career? by Tony Zierra

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    Is Bigger Better? by Merete Mueller & Christopher Smith

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    How To Create A Theatrical Tour For Your Movie by Mike Dion

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    How A Tiny House Fits Into Our Lives by Merete Mueller & Christopher Smith

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    Is An Independent Filmmaker's Life Insanity? with Oklahoma Ward & Nicole Alonso

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    How A Music Video Led To Our Documentary MY WAY by Rebekah Starr

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    The MY BIG BREAK Story by Tony Zierra

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    How To Make An Audience Care About Your Characters by John Truby

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    People Don't Want Feedback,They Want Praise by Etta Devine & Gabriel Diani

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    Traditional Distributors Take All Control by Paul Osborne

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    Pitch Us Your TV Show by Joke Fincioen & Biagio Messina

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    Selling Your Movie Is An Everyday Responsibility by Tony Zierra

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    IZKARA, A New Film Distributor That Wants To Do It RIght

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    Distribution Case Study with Blayne Weaver

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    Filmmaking Is 24/7 by Bayou Bennett & Daniel Lir

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    YouTube Domination feat. Issa Rae, America Young, PimplyWimp & National Film Sociey - Part 2

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    If You Work At All In This Business It's A Huge Fluke by Dave Foley

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    The Biggest Reason Why Writers Fail At The Premise by John Truby

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    The Nuts & Bolts Of Creating A Pitch Video by Joke Fincioen & Biagio Messina

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    Don't Ask For Money Unless You're Prepared by Matt Jarbo

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    How To Keep The Film Projects Coming by Dean Ronalds, Brian Ronalds & Stephanie Ronalds

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    We're Tired Of Hollywood Remakes by Marc Brener & Jeff Kawa

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    Ira Glass & Mike Birbiglia talk SLEEPWALK WITH ME

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    YouTube Domination feat. Issa Rae, America Young, PimplyWimp & National Film Sociey - Part 1

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    If I Don't Work Fast I Won't Last In This Business by David Paul Baker

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    A Father & Son Story That I Had To Be A Part Of by Ben Lyons

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    Alekesam Director Jason Bergh On Making A Film About Hugh Masekela & Son Sal Masekela

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    ALL OR NOTHING, Jack Marchetti 24 Hours Before His Campaign Ends

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    Your Parents Are The Blueprint Of Who You Are by Selema Mabena "Sal" Masekela

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    Cancelling & Relaunching A Kickstarter Campaign by John Yost

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    The Passion Of Independent Filmmaking with Oklahoma Ward & Nicole Alonso

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    The Power Of The $1 Backer by Ross Pruden

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    IndieGogo's Adam Chapnick Proclaims Goodbye Promise Campaign Brilliant

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    IndieGogo's Adam Chapnick Encourages You To Support Goodbye Promise

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    IndieGogo's Adam Chapnick Sends Goodbye Promise Over $1000

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    How To Get Your Script To Stand Out Amongst A Crowd by John Truby

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    Dreama Walker and Pat Healy talk about COMPLIANCE

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    Don't Be Cagey About Releasing Your Work by Gregory Bayne

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    How I Became Host Of ATTACK OF THE SHOW! by Candace Bailey

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    YouTube Helped Me Leave My Desk Job by Jason Horton

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    Ryan Koo Talks About The Worldwide Online Release Of Goodbye Promise

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    30 Days To One Million - The Worldwide Release of Goodbye Promise

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    GOODBYE PROMISE Official Trailer (HD)

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    In Your Crowdfunding Pitch Video The Call To Action Must Be Crystal Clear

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    Story Elements Found In Blockbuster Films by John Truby

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    How We Cast Barry Bostwick In 'The Selling' by Etta Devine & Gabriel Diani

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    Creating A Powerful Pitch Video For Your Crowdfunding Campaign by Joke Fincioen & Biagio Messina

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    Benefits Of Reading Scripts And Watching Movies by John Truby

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    Hollywood Today Is Not Known For Originality by John Truby

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    Take A Look At The 5 People You Spend The Most Time With by Ben Lyons

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    How To Attract Backers To Your Crowdfunding Campaign by Etta Devine & Gabriel Diani

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    It's Not Marketing Your Work, It's Offering Your Work by Adam Leipzig

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    I'm So Different Than Other YouTubers by Paul 'Yosemite Bear' Vasquez (The Double Rainbow Guy)

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    Overcoming Nervousness To Perform by Christopher Miles & Angel Valerio

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    Ill Effects Of The American Dream by Merete Mueller & Christopher Smith

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    I Don't Need Any Part Of Gotcha Journalism by Ben Lyons

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    You Will Have 9 Careers In Your Lifetime by Adam Leipzig

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    Advice To Baby YouTubers by Paul 'Yosemite Bear' Vasquez (The Double Rainbow Guy)

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    Returning Home: Using Memories As Motivation by Christopher Miles & Angel Valerio

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    A Tiny House Was The Right Solution by Merete Mueller & Christopher Smith

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    I Didn't Want To Self-Distribute A NECESSARY DEATH by Daniel Stamm

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    What's An Artist Worth? by Adam Leipzig

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    How I Became Friends With Ray Bradbury by Marc Scott Zicree

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    People Don't Hate Down, They Hate Up by Ben Lyons

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    Attending VidCon As YouTube Royalty by Paul 'Yosemite Bear' Vasquez (The Double Rainbow Guy)

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    Hollywood Is Based On Selling Promises by Daniel Stamm

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    If You Believe The Good, Then You Have To Believe The Bad by Leah Ann Cevoli

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    What We Want To See In American Action Films by Christopher Miles & Angel Valerio

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    Small Films Need Curators by Kris & Lindy Boustedt

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    Directing Is About Asking The Right Questions by Daniel Stamm

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    How To Develop Self-Confidence by Adam Leipzig

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    The First Five Days Of Our Kickstarter by Christopher Miles & Angel Valerio

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    How We Determined Which Film Festivals To Submit Our Indie Movie by Kris & Lindy Boustedt

  92. 1325 Thumbnail

    How Chris Gore Impacted Our Film Festival Run by Daniel Stamm

  93. 1326 Thumbnail

    Should Filmmakers Self-Distribute Their Work? by Adam Leipzig

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    An Akira Kurosawa Quote To Live By - Kris & Lindy Boustedt

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    Getting Feedback On Your Film The Night Of Your Premiere by Christopher J. Boghosian

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    A Lesson About Hollywood: Fake It by Daniel Stamm

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    Studio Filmmakers Vs Independent Filmmakers by Christopher J. Boghosian

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    The Darkside Of Social Media by Christopher J. Boghosian

  99. 1332 Thumbnail

    Is Social Media A Burden For Filmmakers? by Christopher J. Boghosian