1. Performing of Animals with the Nashville Zoo

  2. The Nashville Jazz Workshop

  3. John Lachs "The Cost of Comfort"

  4. "Robert Penn Warren & the U.S. Civil Rights Movement"

  5. "Legal and Moral Dimensions of Guantanamo Bay"

  6. "Coming Back to Life: One Man's Story of Wrongful Conviction"

  7. "Occupy: The Myth and the Movement"

  8. Robert Talisse: "Faith in Democracy"

  9. Vicki Greene: "Newton's Unfinished Business"

  10. David Hess: "Building the Local Living Economy"

  11. "From Training to Profession: Acting for the Theater"

  12. Mark Schoenfield: "Love, Death, and Form in the Modern Sonnet"

  13. "Dreams in the 20th Century"

  14. The Melodores

  15. What our medical past can tell us about our genomic future

  16. Tennessee Repertory Theatre's Yankee Tavern

  17. What Is the Meaning of the American Civil War on Its 150th Anniversary?

  18. Is Global Warming on the Back Burner? Prospects for Change

  19. Live Art: Learning to Cry on Cue

  20. "Civilizing" Haiti: Representation, and its Discontents

  21. A discussion of "The Color Purple"

  22. American Pie: Fact or Fiction? A Closer Look at Virginity Loss in the Movies

  23. On Photographys Expanded Field

  24. Voices From Our America

  25. A Peoples Past Continues to Be Living History

  26. "Air and Dreams"

  27. "Democratic Virtuosity: Music and the Public Sphere"

  28. "Pathways Out of Poverty, and Toward the American Dream: The Case of Nashville"

  29. Beyond Public

  30. The Big Bang Broth: Cooking Primordial Soup

  31. How Racist is Obama's America?

  32. "Clones and Chimeras: Medical Monsters in Literature and Film"

  33. The Philosophical Significance of Evil

  34. "Fixing Medicare: The Phony Crisis and the Real Crisis"

  35. Free Speech and Censorship at Work

  36. Islam and Europe -- Sites of Conflict

  37. Women as Weapons of War: Iraq, Sex, and the Media

  38. Intellectuals in Public Life

  39. From Imus to Industry: Media, payola profit from women

  40. "A Star is Born (But How Was it Made?)" with Keivan Stassun

  41. The Story of 'Cruel and Unusual' with Colin Dayan

  42. InsideOut of the Lunchbox: The Vanderbilt Steel Drums Band