1. A Winter's Tale

  2. The emerging threat to horse welfare - Disease

  3. HRH Princess Royal addresses World Horse Welfare Annual Conference 2010

  4. Horrific overgrown horse's hooves

  5. Neglected ponies given a lifeline

  6. How to fat score a horse

  7. Recognising the early signs of Laminitis

  8. Using ultrasound to show difference between fat and muscle

  9. Managing your laminitic and minimising his pain

  10. The horse's foot and how it goes wrong

  11. Laminitis Awareness - an introduction

  12. Jilly Cooper & Alex Hua Tian support the Great British Horse Survey

  13. Serial horse abuser pays the price of his actions

  14. World Horse Welfare Introduction Film - Survey

  15. UK Welfare Film - Survey

  16. Transportation Film - Survey

  17. International Training Film - Survey

  18. Keeping your horse healthy - a guide to disease prevention

  19. Abandoned and emaciated, Mervyn defies the odds

  20. Justice for Amersham horses as abuser James Gray starts prison sentence

  21. Horse abuser James Gray goes on the run as family lose appeal

  22. World Horse Welfare - Badminton Charity of the Year 2010

  23. Adopt a Horse from World Horse Welfare

  24. Belwade Farm Proposed Development

  25. Pippa Funnell Badminton 2010 Course Walk

  26. Alex Hua Tian supports World Horse Welfare

  27. Loan horse helps boys with challenging behaviour

  28. Horses carry the weight of Mexico's future

  29. Europe says no to horse suffering

  30. A day in the life of a Field Officer

  31. World Horse Welfare Christmas Message 2009

  32. Horse Welfare Forum - Question 4 - Obesity in horses

  33. Horse Welfare Forum - Question 3 - Cost Sharing

  34. Horse Welfare Forum - Question 2 - Training in the developing world

  35. Horse Welfare Forum - Question 1 - Overbreeding

  36. Heart FM 103's Emma Simmons talks about her favourite horse Sharny

  37. World Horse Welfare Conference 2009

  38. HRH Princess Royal addresses Annual Conference 2009

  39. Horse owners fail to recognise dangers of obesity

  40. Transportation of Horses to Slaughter in Europe Update 2009

  41. Transportation of horses to slaughter petition delivered to European Parliament

  42. Penny Farm Open Day 2009 feat. The Kings Troop and Cavalry

  43. Panda's Road to Recovery

  44. 20 ponies rescued from a life of misery

  45. What happened to the Amersham horses?

  46. Gruesome scene of horse suffering uncovered

  47. Amersham horse case eye witness account

  48. Toby's Foot - Operation to remove keratoma from horses hoof

  49. Stamp Out Suffering - UK Horse Welfare Survey

  50. Help Save Soweto Scrapheap Horses

  51. Digger the Clydesdale is getting bigger

  52. World Horse Welfare Christmas Message 2008

  53. World Horse Welfare Conference 2008

  54. Single biggest abuse of horses in Europe continues

  55. Claire King visits training project in Lesotho, Africa

  56. Top tips for managing horses weight

  57. Why does your horses weight matter?

  58. Tim Stockdale talks to World Horse Welfare

  59. Mary Wanless Lecture Demo at ILPH/World Horse Welfare

  60. Horse abuser jailed for second time

  61. Jonathan Dimbleby talks about his love of horses

  62. Tim Flach photographs Laddy, a one eyed horse

  63. Suffering continues for slaughter horses in Europe

  64. How to fat score a horse

  65. Pippa Funnell announced as trustee for World Horse Welfare

  66. MEPs speak out against transportation of horses to slaughter

  67. Emmy's Foal - The first World Horse Welfare foal

  68. World Horse Welfare - The new name for the ILPH

  69. Soweto Coal Cart Horses

  70. Roy Waller rides a horse for BBC Radio Norfolk

  71. Chief Executive discusses Amersham Horses case

  72. Olympia International Horse Show - Charity of the Year 2007

  73. Christmas Message from the ILPH Chief Executive

  74. Make a Noise - Transportation of Horses to Slaughter

  75. The International League for the Protection of Horses

  76. HRH The Princess Royal addresses ILPH Annual Seminar

  77. Starved to death in sight of food (Delia Stacey Case)

  78. Hoof it for Horses - Featuring Ben Maher and Pippa Funnell

  79. Leaping for the League Fundraising Skydive

  80. ILPH Project Romania

  81. ILPH Georgetown & Amy Smith - Dressage Test Prelim 7

  82. Equine Health & Welfare Strategy, Lee Valley Riding Centre

  83. Ragwort, the horses worst enemy?

  84. ILPH Homer's miraculous recovery from horrific injuries

  85. Pippa Funnell talks to the ILPH at Badminton 2007

  86. BBC Breakfast visit to highlight ILPH Horse Loan Scheme

  87. Norfolk woman's 10 year ban for cruelty

  88. ILPH Juno - Just a companion

  89. ILPH Transportation of Horses for Slaughter Update 2007

  90. Ferdi's Feet - No Feet = No Horse

  91. Imprisoned Horses - ILPH Chief Field Officer Paul Teasdale

  92. ILPH - Horse Welfare Charity Introduction Movie