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  1. Blake Griffin Preseason Highlights

  2. Blake Griffin Hammers Down the Follow-up Slam

  3. Blake Griffin Scores First Career NBA Basket

  4. Griffin takes FLIGHT in Debut

  5. Blake Griffin Preseason Highlights

  6. Blake Griffin versus the Warriors

  7. Blake Griffin's Power Dunks

  8. Blake Griffin Steal and Reverse Jam

  9. Blake Griffin Facial in Minnesota

  10. Blake Griffin: The Highlight Machine

  11. Clippers' Griffin and Jordan Trick Shots

  12. Dunkfest: Blake Griffin vs Knicks

  13. Double Dose of Insanity - Griffin vs Knicks

  14. Dunkfest: Blake Griffin vs Knicks

  15. Blake Griffin's Big Game on Turkey Night

  16. Blake Griffin's Top 10 Dunks of Nov.

  17. Griffin Seated Halfcourt Shot

  18. Griffin's November To Remember

  19. Clippers' Griffin and Jordan Trick Shots 2

  20. Blake Griffin 45 ft Alley Oop

  21. Blake Griffin's 360 Layup

  22. [Deleted Video]

  23. Baron Davis No-Look Oop to Blake Griffin

  24. Sprite Slam Dunk: Blake Griffin Part 1

  25. Phantom: Griffin's Crazy Alley Oop

  26. Blake Griffin's Baseline Slam

  27. Griffin posts career high 47 on MLK Day

  28. Griffin Just Misses Insane 70 ft Alley-Oop

  29. Blake Griffin Alley Oop against the Warriors

  30. Blake Griffin Half court Ally-oop Dunk from Baron Davis

  31. Sprite Slam Dunk: Blake Griffin Part 3

  32. Sprite Slam Dunk: Blake Griffin Part 2

  33. Blake Griffin- The Blake Show [HD]

  34. Blake Griffin And-1 vs Bulls

  35. Blake Griffin rocks the Staples Center

  36. Blake Griffin Hanging And-1

  37. Blake Griffin Makes 2011 All-star Reserve

  38. Blake Griffin's Windmill Jam

  39. Blake Griffin Cleans Up with Authority

  40. Blake Griffin Dunks vs Magic

  41. Blake Griffin Double-Double vs Magic

  42. Blake Griffin Alley-oop Dunk over Ryan Anderson

  43. The Jump: 3DTV Blake Grifin

  44. [Private Video]

  45. Blake Griffin unbelievable Buzzer Beater

  46. Blake Griffin Monster Throwdown dunk vs Cavs

  47. Blake Griffin 3 pointer beats the Buzzer

  48. Blake Griffin Ferocious Alley-oop Dunk on Raptors (HD)

  49. Davis and Griffin dial long distance

  50. Blake Griffin Dunks on Brandon Jennings (HD)

  51. Blake Griffin Dunk Contest Debute (HD)

  52. Blake Griffin hits his head on the backboard

  53. Blake Griffin on [TNT Overtime] with Kenny Smith & Chris Webber

  54. Blake Griffin's Unbelieveble Bounce Alleyoop from John Wall (HD)

  55. Blake Dunks Over a CAR in Super Slow-mo! (HD)

  56. PHANTOM: Blake Dunks Over a CAR!

  57. Blake Griffin's one-handed alleyoop

  58. Blake Griffin hypes USC's Jordan Cameron

  59. Phantom: Blake and DeAndre Flying in New Jersey

  60. Blake Griffin: Battle Los Angeles Trailer (HD)

  61. Blake vs JaVale..... Again

  62. Blake Griffin Half-Court Alley-oop Dunk vs Lakers (HD)

  63. Blake Griffin Monster vertical Alley-oop Dunk vs Lakers

  64. Blake Griffin Goes High for a monster Alley-oop Dunk vs Raptors

  65. Blake Griffin Reverse Alley-oop Dunk vs Thunder (HD)

  66. Blake Griffin's And-1 Dunk vs Thunder (HD)

  67. [Private Video]

  68. Blake Griffin's Triple-Double

  69. Blake Griffin - The Takeover