1. Is/Ought Finale'

  2. Is/Ought Continued

  3. Get to the F$%&@#$ Point!

  4. The Myth of Agnostic Theism

  5. Is it an Ought?

  6. Emotion vs Logic

  7. Liberals

  8. Age of Consent (take 2)

  9. Changes in the Air: Chic lil a

  10. Me, a Christian?


  12. Miracle: Really?

  13. Counter Rant vs Cyberguy Rant on Obama

  14. RE; To Loreleila Autonomy vs Social Responsibility

  15. Re: To Varmit Coyote on Pedophelia

  16. Gay Rights Civil Rights

  17. Christian Slave Collar

  18. Gay Marriage Re: to Sean

  19. Who is the Real Queer Here?

  20. Gay Marriage

  21. RE:Thornisdan Christian Slavery

  22. Objective Morality Nothing Supernatural

  23. A Question for Christians

  24. RE Gambleor

  25. The Hidden Relativity of Christian Morality

  26. Christianity's Dirty Secret

  27. Re:alphabetablogger-Atheism Blind Spot

  28. Everyone Lives With Faith?

  29. Atheism's Blind-spot

  30. Natural Morality

  31. TYT, The Liberal's Rush Limbaugh

  32. Why are'nt you a Christian?

  33. Man vs Woman

  34. Response on child sexual abuse

  35. Koran Burning

  36. A God Shaped Hole

  37. W.L. Craig Dispenser of Snake Oil!

  38. A Very Cunning Liar

  39. Who Do You Serve?

  40. Newt Gingrich and Muslim Clerics: Two Peas in a Pod

  41. Theist Questions for a Non-Theist

  42. Gingrinch, Homosexuals: Two Peas in a Pod

  43. "Moderate" Islam's Tacit Support of Terror

  44. "Agnostos Theos" The Agnostic's God

  45. Do Muslims Support Jihad?

  46. Defending Christianity-The Game

  47. Lovingly Killing Queers

  48. Who Was Jesus?

  49. A Mellow Rant At Cyberguy

  50. What is Religion Like?

  51. Wisdom of Old People

  52. Were Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan Wars a Waste

  53. Another Pretentious Atheist Slanders Agnosticism

  54. Sour Apples in the Garden of Eden

  55. Agnostics Turn Tide on Big Mouth U-Tube Atheist Word Bullies

  56. Another Cowardly Attack by an Atheist on Peace Loving Agnostic

  57. William Lane Craig is Right!

  58. Greg

  59. Atheistic Cannibalism

  60. Brett Keane, Sistersunshine cats chasing dogs

  61. What do you find sexy?

  62. Believing The Noble Lie

  63. If God was Proven Real

  64. Will and Intellect

  65. But all men are not created equal!

  66. Answer to Loreleila's Question to men

  67. Addressing the Mind of Munnal

  68. Response to MCL

  69. Origins Survey

  70. Response to Cyberguy's questions

  71. Misfire of Pascale's Bullet

  72. Cargo Cult Truth

  73. Response to cyberguy

  74. On Hoping Christianity is True

  75. re: "Agnostics are cowardly" clarification.

  76. 100 % proof of evolution?

  77. Creation

  78. The Brutal Shepard

  79. My Cuddly Troll

  80. Winds Of Change

  81. Doreen: A Breath of Fresh Air.wmv

  82. Atheist Baloney

  83. Let's Eat U-Tube Atheists.wmv

  84. Response to Felinoid

  85. Hey Bionic, Get Over It!.

  86. What happened John?

  87. Response to an attack on Agnosticism

  88. Another Attack On Be-leaguered Agnostics

  89. Defining Atheism

  90. Agnostic vs Atheist

  91. Yes,I really am simply agnostic

  92. Let's Bring Back Slavery

  93. Glenn Beck Old Yeller Time to put the Ole Boy down

  94. Burning the Qur'an

  95. Huckabee, Trump Publicity Whores & Stereotypes

  96. Christian Nation?

  97. Religious Joke

  98. Welfare Babies

  99. The Gospel of Glenn Beck