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Rock 'n' Roll Racing (Megadrive) - Gameplay sample, Warrior Mode / Olaf / Inferno

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Uploaded on Nov 29, 2009

Gameplay sample of Rock 'n' Roll Racing, on Sega Megadrive / Genesis.

So, aside from the Streets of Rage 2 video test, this is my first Megadrive video gameplay sample in my channel. And the game I chose to celebrate this is one of my absolute favourites of my Megadrive library, Rock 'n' Roll Racing.

Rock 'n' Roll Racing is a futuristic racing game, where you're against 3 other opponents in order to become the Intergalactic Champion. The game spans on up to 6 planets (depending on the Difficulty Level you're playing : Rookie Mode stops after the 3rd planet, Veteran Mode goes up to the 5th planet, and you go the full 6 planets course on Warrior Mode), each divided in 2 divisions. You have to gain a set ammount of points in order to move to the next division and then to the next planet.

To gain points, you must finish races at 3rd place minimum. You also gain money for finishing in at minimum 3rd place, and obviously the better the place you finish the more points and cash you gain.
Money is also a crucial factor in this game, as it allows you to power up your car with more weapons, better armor, and better car parts for improving speed and handling. It allows too to buy a better car, which becomes extremely important when moving to higher-ranked planets.

I've just said : "more weapons". Indeed, this is not your standard racing game : here, the contestants' cars are equipped with a forward weapon (depending of the car, it can be lasers, missiles or teleguided bullets), a rear weapon (either oil, mines or fragment bombs) and nitros. You are even encouraged to blow up your opponents to smithereens, as it nets you a nice 1000$ bonus per kill. All destroyed cars are replaced a few second after destruction, so you can rack up a good sum of cash, and don't have to worry about not being able to finish the race if you get yourself blown up.

And the carnage is accompanied by MIDI versions of famous rock songs, and commented by an over-the-top showman, Larry. All in all, you've got an awesome and extremely fun game. Oh, and don't forget Blizzard, the creators of The Lost Vikings and Starcraft among others are behind it. ;)

For this gameplay sample, I unearthed from my old gaming magazines pile an issue of the French magazine "Astuces Mania" (more specifically for those interested, the n°9 issue) which contained several passwords, including two allowing you to play with Olaf, the secret character of the game, on Chem VI (starting planet) and Inferno (last planet), on Warrior mode.

I wanted to show you not only Olaf, but the planet Inferno as well, so I inputted the Olaf Inferno password. That password also makes you start on a fully equipped Havac, the last car of the game.

The password is :

Personnally I'm not a fan of the Havac at all : it has too much grip for my tastes, making the nitro sliding technique (cut a corner very sharp all while activating a Nitro, that makes you go in a very speedy controlled skid) harder to pull as well as having a shorter skidding time ; and its forward weapon, the Sundog Beam, a teleguided bullet weapon, is too weak for my tastes. All that to say that I much prefer the Battle Trak, the second-to-last car.

Enjoy the vid ! ;)

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