1. BOB DYLAN || "Blowin' In The Wind" (Cover by Corbett Walsh)

  2. CORBETT WALSH || "Desert Ground" (original) LIVE @ 45 On Main coffeehouse in Duluth, GA

  3. JOHN MAYER || "Paper Doll" (cover by Corbett Walsh) -- with basic chords

  4. JOHN MAYER || "Badge & Gun" (cover by Corbett Walsh) with CHORDS

  5. JOHN MAYER || "You're No One 'Til Someone Lets You Down" (cover by Corbett Walsh) with CHORDS

  6. NORAH JONES || "Turn Me On" (cover by Corbett Walsh)

  7. CORBETT WALSH || "Plastic Town" (original)

  8. CORBETT WALSH || "On and On" (original)

  9. JOHN MAYER || "Free Fallin'" (cover by Corbett Walsh)

  10. THE LUMINEERS || "The Dead Sea" (cover by Corbett Walsh feat. Aubrey)

  11. @Doddly_Enough NEW MUSIC!!!

  12. CORBETT WALSH || "On And On" (original)

  13. CORBETT WALSH || "Don't You Read?" (original)

  14. "Brown Eyes" (FREE Album Download Link In Description!)

  15. DAMIEN RICE || "Volcano" (cover by Corbett Walsh & Aubrey Walsh)

  16. "SWEET PEA" || (Amos Lee cover by Corbett Walsh)

  17. "Don't Think Twice, It's All Right" (cover)

  18. Aubrey Walsh game-winning penalty (GA state soccer semi-final, 2012)

  19. JOHN MAYER || "Daughters" (cover by Corbett Walsh)

  20. CORBETT WALSH || "Staring At The Sun" (original)

  21. "High Hopes" (original)

  22. The Game Of Pencils

  23. "The Lazy Song" feat. JKe (cover)