1. Andrzej Pietrzykowski - MicroRNA's Role in Adaptation and Addiction

  2. Mary Konsolaki - Biochemical Pathways of Alzheimer's Disease

  3. Suzie Chen - Molecular Mechanisms of Melanoma Development

  4. David Bushek - Shellfish Ecology and Parasitology

  5. Daphne Munroe - Coastal Sustainability and Larval Ecology

  6. Edyta Bojanowska - Literary Examinations of Imperial Russia

  7. Melitta Schachner - Spinal Cord Regeneration

  8. Derek Gordon - Applications of Statistical Genetics

  9. Dr. Bonnie Firestein - The Role of NOS1AP in Schizophrenia

  10. Karen Schindler - Aneuploidy and Reproductive Biology

  11. Jinchuan Xing - The Human Genome

  12. Tisha Bender- Discussion-Based Online Teaching To Enhance Student Learning

  13. Shigeto Kawahara - Research with the Rutgers Phonetics Lab

  14. Linda Brzustowicz - Genetic Causes of Schizophrenia

  15. Dr. Ulrich Kremer - Application Networking for Smartphones

  16. Nancy Sinkoff - The Life and Work of Lucy S. Dawidowicz

  17. Golbarg Bashi - Green Movement and Human Rights in Iran

  18. Elizabeth Epstein - Cognitive Behavioral Treatments for Alcohol Dependent Women

  19. David Tulloch - Uses for Geographic Information Systems

  20. Jeff Buechner - Philosophical Foundations in Cognitive Science

  21. Influence of Stress on the Immune System with Dr. Dipak Sarkar

  22. Dr. Eugene White - Historical Analysis of Financial Crisis

  23. Dr. Yolanda Martinez-San Miguel - Identities in Latin America and the Caribbean

  24. Dr. David Greenberg - Development of 'Spin' in American Politics

  25. Dr. Andrew Nealen - Design Minimalism in Video Games and 3D Shape Modeling Tools

  26. Dr. Marie Radford - Virtual Library Refrence Services

  27. Dr. David Ehrenfeld - Methods of Preserving the Planet

  28. Dr. Bahman Kalantari - Polynomial Root-Finding and Polynomiography

  29. Dr. Ben Sifuentes-Jáuregui - Crossdressing in Latin American cultures

  30. Dr. James Masschaele - Juries of the Middle Ages

  31. Dr. Tracey Shors - Neurogenesis in the adult brain

  32. Dr. Clayton Hartjen & Dr. S. Priyadarsini - Worldwide Prevalence of Child Exploitation

  33. Dr. Lesley Morrow - Literacy Development

  34. Dr. John Pavlik - Media in the Digital Age

  35. Dr. Andrew Murphy - Religion in American Politics

  36. Dr. Andy Singson - Reproductive success in model organism C. elegans

  37. Dr. Jeffrey Shandler - The Impact of New Media on Jewish Living

  38. Dr. Kim McKim - Meiosis in Drosophila melanogaster females

  39. Dr. Robert Kubey - Increasing media education and skepticism

  40. Dr. Grace Agnew - Restrictions of Digital Rights Management

  41. Dr. Regina Marchi - Minorities, social movements, and the media

  42. Dr. Anant Madabhushi - Development of mutli-modal prostate cancer screening technologies

  43. Dr. Judith Barberio - Nurse's Pocket Drug Guide

  44. Dr. Jennifer Gibbs - Presenting oneself in online contexts

  45. Dr. Jacob Soll - The Library and the Information Age

  46. Dr. Dona Schneider - The History of Public Health

  47. Dr. Larry Romsted - Bioorganic, Biophysical, and Assocation Colloid Chemistry

  48. Dr. Richard Koszarski - History of the New York Motion Picture Industry

  49. Dr. Kathryn Uhrich - PolyAspirin and Other Pharmaceutical Polymer Uses

  50. Dr. Nancy Wolff - Community 101

  51. Dr. Frank Popper - American growth

  52. Dr. Michael Rockland - Mobility in America and New Jersey's identity crisis

  53. Dr. George McGhee - The Geometry of Evolution

  54. Dr. Andrew Vershon - Transcriptional regulation in yeast

  55. Dr. Shalonda Kelly - Couple relationships and racial perspectives

  56. Dr. Nikol Alexander-Floyd - Gender, Race, and Nationalism in Contemporary Black Politics

  57. Dr. Paul G. Clemens - The Leopold and Loeb murder trial

  58. Dr. Lee Clarke - Disaster and the human response

  59. Dr. Maureen Hurd - Clarinetudes

  60. Dr. Craig Scott - Anonymous communication

  61. Dr. Emmett Gill - NCAA and professional athletics

  62. Dr. Angus Kress Gillespie - The World Trade Center

  63. Dr. Jan Mohlman - Aging and mental health

  64. Dr. Martin Gliserman - The representation of the body in the novel