1. Josh Johnson Is Going to the Red Carpet!

  2. Web Exclusive: Naughty Audience Dancers

  3. Andy Gets Guacamole'd

  4. Wholly Guacamole!

  5. Kevin Nealon on Current Events

  6. Ellen Gives a Shout Out to Boston!

  7. Kathy Freston Talks Healthy Eating

  8. Web Exclusive: Ellen Meets a Devoted Fan

  9. Web Exclusive: JCPenney Outtakes

  10. A Mother/Daughter Round of Sorry Spin

  11. Call the Police!

  12. Web Exclusive: Ellen's Mixologist Makes a Drink

  13. Oh Hair, No!

  14. A Lucky Fan Wins a Trip to Ireland!

  15. The Incredible 14-year-old Who Bought a House

  16. New Segment! What's Wrong with These Signs? Signs

  17. Drew Brees on His 3rd Baby!

  18. Web Exclusive: Chris Rene Backstage!

  19. Look Who's Playing Ping-Pong

  20. Interview with Cody Simpson

  21. Guess the Song with Kelly Clarkson

  22. Guess the Condition with Dr. Drew

  23. Fashion Tips from Heidi Klum

  24. The Marshmallow Game is Back!

  25. These Tattoos Are Not Great

  26. Thanks, Greyson!

  27. David Arquette Tries On His Gift

  28. Zach Levi Takes His Shirt Off!

  29. Watch Josh Gomez Do a Stunt

  30. Meet Some Other 'Chuck' Cast Members

  31. Who's the Best Person Zach Levi Has Seen on the Lot?

  32. The Gift Shop

  33. Know or Go: Spring Edition!

  34. Clumsy Thumbsy

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  36. Adam Carolla on Raising a Boy and a Girl

  37. Hot Glam, Ageless Beauty Game!

  38. Ellen Has a Gift for Snooki

  39. David Arquette Talks New Love Life and Courteney

  40. How Do You Pronounce 'Tony Okungbowa'?

  41. Outrageous Vintage Ads!

  42. Wells Fargo Donates $100K to Tornado Relief

  43. An Incredible Magic Trick!

  44. Megan Fox Gets Scared By a Giant Banana!

  45. Web Exclusive: Amazing Audience Dancer

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  47. Behind the Scenes with Kacie B!

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  49. Billion-Dollar Wheel of Riches!

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  51. George Takei's Hired!

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  53. These Are Some Bad Paid-For Photos

  54. Sneak Peek: The Funniest Sorry Spin Ever

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  56. A Hero Grandson and His Grandfather

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  60. Justin Bieber's Superfan Becomes His Birthday Gift!

  61. Justin Bieber Gets His 18th Birthday Present on the Show!

  62. Justin Bieber's Big Announcement

  63. Behind the Scenes with Heidi Klum and Kelly Clarkson

  64. Behind the Scenes of The Ellen DeGeneres Show!

  65. Cheryl Hines Goes Partying

  66. Amazing Science with Steve Spangler

  67. Ellen Sends a Viewer on an African Safari!

  68. Sophia Grace & Rosie Do Tea with Taylor Swift!

  69. Ellen's New Infomercial: The Head-y Read-y

  70. Those Thumbsies Sure Are Clumsy

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  73. The Making of Ellen's JCPenney Commercials

  74. More Outtakes from JCPenney!

  75. Bethenny Frankel Opens Up About the Loss of Her Pregnancy

  76. Bethenny Announces Her New Talk Show!

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  79. Seth Rogen's Wedding and His Strange Nicknames

  80. First Look: Ellen's JCPenney Outtakes!

  81. A Very Special 'Hot Glam Girl'

  82. Jennifer Aniston's Hidden Camera Prank

  83. Call the Police!

  84. Taylor Swift's Cat Fail

  85. Taylor Swift and Zac Efron Sing a Duet!

  86. Zac, Taylor and Ellen talk Valentine's Day

  87. Jeannie Interviews Uggie from 'The Artist'

  88. Modeling Class with Kate Upton

  89. True or False with Josh Hutcherson

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  93. Amanda Seyfried Knits for Ellen

  94. Presidents' Day is Scary!

  95. Web Exclusive: Sophia Grace and Rosie Backstage!

  96. These Thumbsies Are Pretty Clumsy

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  98. Nathan Lane Got On The Pro Gay Bandwagon

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