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  1. House Republicans Admit Senate-Passed Bill Could Prevent Shutdown

  2. Reid Calls Out Republican Hypocrisy On Obamacare

  3. Reasonable Republicans Reject Extremist Republicans' Shutdown Agenda

  4. Boehner Pledged That Fight Over Obamacare Was Over

  5. Mark Warner Reacts to Fiscal Folly

  6. Debt-Ceiling Plan From House GOP Sets Welcomed Precedent

  7. Reid: Democratic Principles For The 113th Congress

  8. Reid Convenes The 113th Congress, Welcomes New Senators

  9. Schumer And Gillibrand Urge House Vote on Sandy Relief

  10. Reid Welcomes Brian Schatz, Hawaii's Senator Designee

  11. Schumer, Menendez, Gillibrand: Senate's On Track To Pass Disaster Relief

  12. Reid Responds to Boehner, Calls For Balanced Solution To 'Cliff'

  13. GOP Wastes Week With Political Stunts As 'Cliff' Looms

  14. Speaker Boehner's 'Plan B' Is A Non-Starter

  15. Reid to GOP: Don't Put Tea Party Ahead of Middle Class

  16. Women Senators To House GOP: Put Women's Safety First, Pass All-Inclusive VAWA

  17. Inouye Was A Patriot, A Wonderful Senator

  18. Senator Reid Reflects on Tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut

  19. Democratic Senators: Speaker Boehner Can't Ignore The American People

  20. Reid: GOP Must Raise Rates To Avoid 'Cliff'

  21. Reid: Only Thing Standing In The Way of Agreement Is Republicans

  22. Reid To GOP: Don't Burden Middle-Class Families

  23. McConnell Filibusters His Own Bill To Lift Debt Ceiling

  24. Clock's Ticking: House GOP Must Pass Middle-Class Tax Cut Bill

  25. Democrats Urge House Leaders To Pass Tax Cuts For Middle Class Families

  26. Reid to GOP: Don't Let Tea Party Dictate Budget Negotiations

  27. The GOP Tax Proposal, Doomed From The Start

  28. As Fiscal Cliff Looms, Speaker Boehner's Choice is Clear

  29. Democratic Leaders: GOP Has Yet To Make Serious Offer As Fiscal Cliff Looms

  30. Reid: Ratify Disabilities Treaty, Set An Example For World

  31. Schumer: Republicans Are Saying They Want A Divorce From Grover Norquist

  32. Reid: We Could Avoid The Fiscal Cliff Tomorrow

  33. Grover Norquist, Obstacle Between Congress and Compromise

  34. Reid To McConnell: GOP Filibuster Abuse Makes Senate Inefficient

  35. Reid: Congress Is One Vote Away From Avoiding Fiscal Cliff

  36. Democratic Leaders Welcome New Senate Colleagues

  37. Senator Reid Welcomes Senator-Elect Angus King

  38. Reid to Republicans: The American People Want Us To Work Together

  39. Senator Reid: No Votes Tonight

  40. Reid: Hispanic Heritage Month, A Time To Honor Important Contributions

  41. Reid: Whose Taxes Would Romney Raise?

  42. Reid: Blocking Veterans' Jobs Bill Marks New Low For Republicans

  43. Harkin: Ryan Budget Is An Assault On Education Funding

  44. Reid: Giving Veterans Opportunities They Need

  45. Durbin: Ryan Budget Puts Healthy & Wealthy Seniors Ahead of Those In Need

  46. Reid: I Remember Sept. 11 Like It Was Yesterday

  47. Chairman of Health, Education, Labor & Pensions Committee: Ryan Budget Would End Medicare

  48. Boxer: GOP in Charge of Medicare? Like Cookie Monster In Charge of Your Favorite Bakery

  49. Budget Committee Chairman Conrad's Critique of Ryan Budget

  50. Reid On Cybersecurity: Republicans Running Like Scared Cats

  51. Reid Announces Deal To Fund Government Through Early 2013, Avoid Shutdown

  52. Democrats Join Secretary Sebelius To Announce Preventive Health Coverage For Women

  53. Reid: August 1st Marks A Milestone For Women, Thanks To Health Care Reform

  54. Democratic Senators Urge House GOP to Pass Middle Class Tax Cuts

  55. Senate Democrats Hold "Midnight Vigil," Urge End To GOP Filibuster of Disclose Act

  56. Reid: Veil Of Secrecy For Election Spending Must End

  57. Democratic Senators: DISCLOSE Act Will Shine Light On Campaign Spending

  58. Senate Democrats to Republicans: Even Grover Norquist Should Support Small Business Tax Cuts

  59. Reid: Republicans Continue to Hold Middle Class Tax Cuts Hostage

  60. Reid: Middle Class Families Are Struggling, Not Millionaires Like Mitt Romney

  61. Tax Cut For Small Business, Not Paris Hilton: Blocked By Republicans

  62. Reid: GOP Holds Tax Cuts For Middle Class Hostage

  63. Democrats Focus On Creating Jobs As Republicans Stage Political Show Vote

  64. Reid: Millions Of Americans Already Seeing Benefits Of Health Care Reform

  65. Senate Democrats to GOP: Focus on Jobs, Not Yesterday's Battles

  66. SCOTUS Ruling Means Millions of Middle Class Families Will Get Health Care They Need

  67. Reid: Pleased SCOTUS Put Rule of Law Ahead of Partisanship

  68. Reid: There's One Decisive Republican Voice on Immigration

  69. Reid: Senate Bill's Not The Place To Discuss 'When Life Begins'

  70. Reid: Supreme Court, Right To Strike Down Mean-Spirited Arizona Law

  71. Senate Democrats: GOP Risks Economic Progress With Norquist Pledge

  72. Reid: "Just Ask Grover"

  73. Reid: GOP Complains About Broken Immigration System, But Shows No Interest In Fixing It

  74. Reid: Republicans In Congress Prevented Immigration Reform

  75. Reid: Jeb Bush Is Right About Today's GOP

  76. Lilly Ledbetter Urges Equal Pay For Women

  77. Democrats Stand With Middle-Class Women For Paycheck Fairness

  78. GOP Opposed To Bill That's Good For Women And The Economy

  79. Senate Democrats, Women Leaders Urge Passage of Paycheck Fairness Act

  80. Reid: Senate Must Act To End Life-Saving Drug Shortages

  81. Reid Discusses Deficit Reduction, Drug Shortages and Transportation Jobs

  82. Reid: Senate Bill Will Support Life-Saving Drugs

  83. Reid: Republican Stunt Budgets Ignore Legally-Binding Budget From August

  84. Senate Democrats, Women Leaders Call On House To Pass Senate VAWA Bill

  85. National Organization For Women President: House GOP VAWA Bill Is Unacceptable

  86. Reid: Spending Cuts Must Not Gut Programs For Middle Class

  87. Senate Dems, Joined By Students, Call For Passage Of Student Loan Bill

  88. Democratic Leaders Urge GOP To End Filibuster of Student Loan Fix

  89. Reid: Keep Student Loans Affordable, End Needless GOP Filibuster

  90. Senate Democratic Leaders: GOP Playing Politics With Student Loans

  91. Senate Democrats Fighting To Prevent Student Loan Rate Hike

  92. Senate Democrats Fighting to Prevent Student Loan Rate Hike

  93. Women Senators Urge Reauthorization Of VAWA

  94. Next Step for Senate: Reauthorizing Violence Against Women Act

  95. Reid To Republicans: Let's Renew Our Commitment To End Domestic Violence

  96. Reid: An Investment In Education Is An Investment In Our Economy

  97. Democratic Leadership Address Small Business Tax Cut Proposals

  98. Women Sentors Urge Support For Bill To Protect Women From Domestic Violence

  99. Reid to GOP: Let's Work Together and Save the Postal Service

  100. Reid: Democrats' Priorities Are Clear

  101. Reid: Buffett Rule Is A Path Toward Economic Fairness

  102. Ronald Reagan: Close Unproductive Tax Loopholes

  103. Democrats Urge House to Pass Senate Bill, Avert Shutdown of Transportation Programs

  104. Senate Democrats React to Supreme Court Arguments on ACA

  105. Reid Calls for Stricter Sanctions Against Iran

  106. Reid to House Republicans: Focus on Job Creation

  107. Reid: Subsidies to Big Oil Companies Must End

  108. Reid: House GOP Should Stop Picking Fights

  109. Reid Marks 2nd Anniversary of Affordable Care Act

  110. Democrats, Secretary LaHood Call On House to Pass Senate Jobs Bill

  111. Senate Democrats Announce Bill to Strengthen Disclosure Laws

  112. Reid to Cantor: Job-Supporting Legislation Shouldn't Warrant A Fight

  113. Senators Hail Passage of Bipartisan Transportation Bill

  114. Reid to GOP: Don't Let Tea Party Block Highway Jobs Bill

  115. Poised to Pass Jobs Bill, Senate Dems Urge House to Act

  116. Reid: Stop Throwing the Word "War" Around So Casually

  117. Reid: The Time to Create Transportation Jobs is Now

  118. The GOP Contraception Ban, Jeopardizing Women's Health

  119. Democrats Will Protect Access To Women's Health Services

  120. Reid: House Payroll Plan, Coated With Ideological Candy, Will Fail

  121. Millionaire Job Creators Are Like Unicorns

  122. Reid: GOP Payroll Tax Cut Plan Shortchanges Middle Class

  123. Reid: McConnell Knows Payroll Tax Cut Is Needed

  124. Analyst: Letting Payroll Tax Cut Expire Would Reduce GDP By 1.5 Percent

  125. Grover Norquist, The Man Who Really Runs The GOP

  126. Iraq Veteran Hails Vow to Hire Heroes Act

  127. Reid: Will GOP Risk Jobs for Veterans?

  128. Secretary LaHood, Senate Democrats Urge Passage of Jobs Bill

  129. Democrats Call on GOP to Support Rebuild America Jobs Act

  130. Reid: Norquist Leads GOP Like Puppets

  131. Teacher Layoffs: Cherine's Story

  132. Democrats, Teachers & First Responders Rally for Jobs Bill

  133. Reid: GOP Should Stop Rooting for Economy to Fail, Start Creating Jobs

  134. Reid: Jobs Bill Will Keep Teachers in the Classroom

  135. Reid: GOP must stop rooting for economy to fail

  136. Senate Democrats Prepare To Advance President Obama's Jobs Bill

  137. Reid: End China's Currency Manipulation, Save U.S. Jobs

  138. Senate Dems: Bipartisan Deal Funds Disaster Aid, Avoids Shutdown

  139. Democrats Seek to Fund FEMA, Avert Government Shutdown

  140. Ask Reid - Twitter Town Hall on Job Creation

  141. Senate Dems to Republicans: Don't Play Politics With Relief Efforts

  142. Reid: GOP Must Stop Blocking Disaster Relief

  143. Reid: On 9/11, Remember Our Challenges

  144. Reid: Electric Cars Key to Economic Security

  145. Nat'l Clean Energy Summit 4.0: The Path to Job Creation

  146. Democrats Urge GOP to Put FAA Employees Back to Work

  147. With Passage of Debt Deal, Dems Say Next Focus Is Jobs

  148. Reid: Next Steps Towards Deficit-Reduction, Job-Creation

  149. Reid: Time for Compromise; Stubbornness Will Hurt Many

  150. Reid Urges Up-Or-Down Vote to Move Forward

  151. Senate Dems Stand Together, Urge GOP to End Filibuster

  152. Reid Urges GOP to Stop Filibustering Senate Plan to Avoid Default

  153. Democrats Urge Bipartisanship As Senate Rejects Boehner Proposal

  154. Democrats Urge Bipartisanship As Senate Rejects Boehner Proposal

  155. Senate Republicans Rebuke Boehner's 'My Way or the Highway' Approach

  156. Schumer: Boehner Should Tame the Lion

  157. Boehner's plan, "A Big Wet Kiss for the Right Wing"

  158. Reid: Boehner's Plan is Not a Compromise

  159. NASDAQ CEO: Markets Prefer Long-Term Debt Limit Increase

  160. Reid Sums Up Why GOP Should Support $2.7T Plan

  161. Reid, Joined by Schumer, Unveils Proposal to Avoid Default Crisis

  162. Reid: Republicans' Short-term Plan is Non-starter in Senate

  163. The Consequences of Default, and How it Affects You

  164. Schumer: Norquist Opens Door for GOP Compromise in Debt Deal

  165. The Ryan Budget on Steroids: Cut, Cap, & Kill Medicare

  166. Reid: Default is a plague to avoid

  167. Sec. Geithner Joins Senate Dems to Talk Debt Crisis

  168. Reid to Boehner: Raising the Debt Ceiling is Everyone's Problem

  169. Democrats Urge End To Wasteful Tax Breaks For Millionaires & Billionaires

  170. GOP Puts Sen. McConnell Out on a Limb

  171. Reid: GOP Must Stop Risking Economy to Protect Wealthiest 1%

  172. Democrats Preview the Week Ahead in Congress

  173. Dems to GOP: Reduce the Deficit, Give Up Your Sacred Cows

  174. McConnell Urged to Include Ethanol Subsidies in Debt Talk

  175. Reid: Republicans Living in a Fantasy World

  176. Reid Remarks on Debt-Ceiling Talk with Obama

  177. Reid on Debt Talks: 'Terribly Disappointed' in Cantor & Kyl

  178. Senate Democrats Call for Job Creation in Debt Limit Deal

  179. Sen. Corker Says Job-Creating Bill a Waste of Time

  180. Reid: Time to Help the Private Sector Create Jobs

  181. Dem. Leaders to GOP: Take Medicare Benefit Cuts Off Table

  182. It's Back...

  183. Senate GOP Decrying Politics in Medicare Debate? Give Us a Break!

  184. Senate Rejects Republican Plan to Kill Medicare

  185. Reid: Republican budget plan would end Medicare

  186. GOP Budget Would Hurt Millions of Seniors, Destroy Medicare

  187. Leading Republicans Agree... Oil Companies Don't Need Taxpayer Handouts

  188. Big Oil Hearing: Rockefeller Pegs Execs As "Out Of Touch"

  189. Big Oil Hearing: Schumer Hits Oil Exec on 'Real Fairytale'

  190. Big Oil Hearing: Wyden Shows 2005 Footage of Execs Against Handouts

  191. GOP Must Stand Up to Big Oil

  192. Reid: Big Oil can do without taxpayer handouts

  193. Senators Commend Military & Intelligence Professionals, "The Best of America"

  194. Sen. Reid & Sen. Levin on Death of Osama Bin Laden

  195. GOP Budget Plan Would Benefit Millionaires While Hurting Seniors