1. The Right to Love An American Family - Documentary Trailer - YouTube.flv

  2. Under flag attack again - backup channel info - please mirror! - YouTube.flv

  3. Karaoke Fun at Cafe Rheingold - mirror

  4. Dear DarrylWThomas and DesteniProductions - mirror

  5. If it makes you feel better( mirror).flv

  6. Lets make a pact [MIRROR].flv

  7. FalseFlag.mpg(mirror)

  8. and again 1

  9. Insightnew suspended (please mirror).mp4

  10. Hot Chick Role Playing.flv(mirror)

  11. more doc dropping [feel free to mirror].mp4

  12. gothatfunk s False Flagged Video (mirror).mp4

  13. A final plea by Divinity [mirror].mp4

  14. AtheistAussie suspended [MIRROR].mp4

  15. Mouse 73- Pareidolia Proves God.m4v(mirror)

  16. Dcma Dance(mirror)

  17. Stop The Killing Of Sakineh Mohammadi AshtianiMirror)

  18. White Trash Atheist False DMCAd [MIRROR].flv

  19. AuntieDiluvian Terminated! Mirror this.mp4.flv

  20. Too many attacks - not enough outrage - my antihomophobic rant [MIRROR].flv

  21. Female Circumcision In America - Part 2.flv (mirror)

  22. Female Circumcision in America pt.1 (mirror)

  23. Sexism - Reponse To AngryAussie (MIRROR).flv

  24. Emergewithtears's PMs Pt. Three(GoogleYouTube Support Bigotry).flv( mirror)

  25. Emergewithtears's PMs Pt TwoGoogleYouTube Support Bigotry

  26. Emergewithtears's PMs Pt. One(GoogleYouTube Support Bigotry).flv( mirror)

  27. I've been threatened with a DMCA, yay! D.mp4(mirror)

  28. A False DMCA Claim.mp4(Mirror)

  29. False DMCAing is dead. Network of Trust. 4 of 4.mp4( mirror)

  30. False DMCAing is dead. The counter notification. 3 of 4.mp4(mirror)

  31. False DMCAing is dead. The frustrating part. 2 of 4.mp4( mirror)

  32. False DMCAing is dead. Part 1 of 4.mp4( mirror)

  33. YouTube- Scientists Who Believe Creationism Pt. 1.mp4( mirror)

  34. YouTube- How to Formally Defect from the Catholic Church.mp4(mirror)

  35. YouTube- Birthday.mp4(mirror)

  36. YouTube- The empty appeal to tradition.mp4( mirror)

  37. Kassie Dill aka HearTheDill aka KassieDill2 18.flv(mirror)