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Uploaded on Dec 27, 2010



"Life and work is synonymous with stress! None of us are immune from stress. One of the most effective and empirically proved methods of reducing stress is mindful meditation and deep breathing. Done appropriately with the right techniques, it is the most cost-effective and lasting method of reducing stress and controlling anxiety. This is an amazing product for millions of people who suffer from stress in his range of videos that combine Eastern techniques of meditation and energy regeneration with Western technology. Followed appropriately, you will find the outcome to be of enormous benefit to day-to-day life, peace, tranquility and productivity both socially and at work; something that we all strive for."
Dr Darryl J Britto, Consultant Psychiatrist, UK

"The videos are brilliant and very clever. What I like about the Stress Gone In 10 Minutes technique is that if used according to the instructions supplied, it becomes an effective form of preventative medicine which can actually keep approaching stress at bay for quite some time."
Dr Dawit Mengistu, Public Health Consultant and specialist in lifestyle preventative medicine, cardiovascular and cancer epidemiology based in Huddersfield, UK

You CAN relieve stress temporarily within 10 minutes that can last for many hours.The principles behind this meditation video are simple and based upon decades of research by arguably the world's top medical doctor that specialises in meditative practices, Dr Herbert Benson, who heads the Mind Body Institute in Massachusetts, USA, and author of over 30 books, including The Relaxation Response.

You see, it's been proven that the human brain can only ever think of one thing at a time, and if we focus on one peaceful thought for around ten minutes to the exclusion of all other thought (sometimes called 'mindfulness'), then the brain actually gets a rest. (It doesn't rest when we're asleep because it's working to sort out the previous day.)

In addition,it has also now been proven that the body produces its own "puffs of nitric oxide" after just ten minutes of focusing intensely on a single peaceful thought. (Nitiric oxide dilates blood vessels slightly, which gives the meditator a feeling of relaxation, and the reason PHYSIOLOGICALLY why meditation actually does work.)

This work follows the research by Benson,( and others). All you have to do is sit quietly, focus on the video, gently sweep aside any thoughts that might try to intrude, breathe slowly and deeply, and JUST BE! Allow your mind to drift into the video and 'experience' whatever is on-screen.

In total, we've made around 2 dozen of these types of videos which have been circulated around the world over the last 3 years, and received over 400 testimonials to say that the process DOES ACTUALLY WORK!

It has also been suggested by many that this video could well help people trying to quit smoking. For example, the urge to smoke usually lasts for around five minutes, so if someone focuses intently on the video for TEN minutes to the exclusion of all other thought, by the time they've finished the video, the urge to smoke will have dissipated.

For further information contact john7@johnedmonds.com

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