1. Millikan's Oil Drop Experiment Simulation.

  2. Standing Waves in Natural Gas (Ruben's Tube)

  3. A Magnetic Linear Accelerator or Coilgun

  4. Velocity of a Bullet Simulation

  5. The Efficiency of a Small Electric Motor Simulation

  6. Charles Law experiment

  7. How to Make a Simple Hoverboard

  8. How to Make a Demonstration Induction Motor

  9. A Test Tube Stirling Engine

  10. The Musical Metal Working Lathe Animation

  11. The Simplest Robot Arm

  12. White line following Buggy

  13. Balloon Execution by Red Laser Pointer

  14. The Dangers of a 200mW Laser Pointer

  15. Optical tweezers

  16. The Talking Light Bulb

  17. Death of a Water filled Balloon in Slow Motion

  18. The Talking Light Emitting Diode

  19. Removing Unwanted Amplitude Interference (Noise) from a Digital Carrier

  20. An Educational RCD Demonstration Rig

  21. Homopolar Electric Motor

  22. Marconi's Radio Transmission demonstration (coherer and spark transmitter)

  23. Cutting Tape with a 2W Blue 445 nm Battery Powered Laser

  24. 12v Solid State Mini Tesla Coil with Circuit Diagram

  25. Using a Light as a Carrier to Transmit Music across the Room

  26. An Electrostatic Motor (Driven by a 750,000V Van De Graff electrostatic generator)

  27. A Plasma Loudspeaker (Tesla Coil Excited)

  28. 2W 445nm Battery Powered Diode Laser

  29. Self Balancing Robot

  30. The Mysterious Shuttling Ball Physics Experiment

  31. Compressed Gas (Pneumatic) Engine

  32. Singing Tesla Coil

  33. Physics Puzzler (Two 12v Bulbs connected in series)

  34. Physics Puzzler (Two Orange Light Emitting Diodes connected in series)

  35. Ultrasonic Flaw Detection Demonstration with Circuit Diagram

  36. The Televisor (32 Line Mechanical Television Demonstration with Circuit Diagram)

  37. Model Helicopter Rescues Man in a Life Raft

  38. How to make a Metal Detector

  39. A Demonstration Seismometer

  40. 25V Solid State Tesla Coil

  41. How to make a Two Transistor Medium Wave Radio

  42. A Mechanical Television (The Televisor with Sound and Sync)

  43. Standing Waves on a Length of Nylon Experiment

  44. Mechanical Resonance Experiment

  45. Single Vacuum Tube Radio with Circuit Diagam (Operates on a 12v to 25v HT/LT supply)

  46. Educational Solid Fuel Rocket (with on-board camera and data logging accelerometer)

  47. The Malago Queen (Water Pulse Jet Powered)

  48. Lord Kelvin's Thunderstorm (High voltage Generator using Water)

  49. Phase Modulated Digital Transmitter and Receiver Simulation

  50. How to Make the Most Useless Machine Ever (The Leave Me Alone Machine)

  51. Franklin Bells (also known as Gordon's Bells or Lightning bells)

  52. Digitally Driven Medium Wave AM Transmitter with Circuit Diagram

  53. Visualisation of the Current flowing through a Filament Bulb

  54. How to Make an Electronic Cricket Sound (Insect)

  55. Audio Under Sampling (Aliasing Effect) Demonstration

  56. Electrical Conduction of Glass by Heating Demonstration

  57. Laser Magnetometer (For the detection of Solar Flares)